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Stories by mynewgenesis

  1. Revenge by mynewgenesis

    Hell hath no fury like a Ginny Weasley scorned. .In which Ginny gets a little revenge. D/G Warning: Very little plot. Lots and lots of snogging. Intended to be silly. Enjoy!

  2. Lifeguard by mynewgenesis

    Draco proves his love for Ginny with unexpected consequences! OneShot! Review! :)

  3. Happily Ever After by mynewgenesis

    Ginny Weasley has an unfortunate habit of dating only the lecherous sort of men who wish to see the interior of her pants. After yet another relationship gone awry, she finally decides, enough is enough. Never again will she go for her 'usual' type. Instead, she's going to go for the polar opposite. And who should come along, but Draco Malfoy.