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Stories by hhragent27

  1. Caught in the Past by hhragent27

    AU. CHAPTER 30! Harry James Potter has everything --- blazing good looks, a dukedom, and roguish charms. Everything except, that is…what truly mattered in life. But during a fateful evening, Harry’s world is turned upside down by the mysterious Countess of Ravenclaw, a feisty woman with an enticing smile, a mesmeric wit and surprisingly, revulsion towards him. Even as he decides to forget about their encounter, she comes into his life again, not as a countess…but as a woman scorned with hatred and loathing. Will he let her hate him forever, or will he abandon pretenses of having a heart made of stone to make her fall in love with him?

  2. Twist Through Time by hhragent27

    FINAL CHAPTER up! Hermione made a mistake in the past by not telling Harry how she really felt about him and the only thing she could think of to mend the situation was for her to go back in time and do what is right. But what happens when an unexpected turn of events causes a change in her plans and instead of going back to the past, she lands herself in the future, a future wherein 30 generations worth of her time had passed and she meets all of their descendants?

  3. Dare Me by hhragent27

    FINALLY! CHAPTER 6 IS UP! AU. Hermione was tired of being dumped by guys who want more from her than just the simple relationship she could give. But a night of drunken madness does not excuse the fact that she had done something incredibly stupid, like ask her friends to dare her into talking to the most enigmatic man she had ever laid eyes on. Could she bear to face the consequences, when a perfectly simple game of flirting turns out to be more than what she bargained for?