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Stories by hermy_madness

  1. Alice Evans and the Lost Days by hermy_madness

    So Alice and Co. have returned for their fourth year at Hogwarts, but what will the changes of last year mean for the new one? How will her new identity change relationships? A new danger threatens Hogwarts and there are yet more secrets to be uncovered! Please R&R! For a summary (yes it has been that long) go to chapter 9. CHAPTER 16 NOW UP! And Finished!

  2. Alice Evans and the Prisoner of Azkaban by hermy_madness

    They're back for a third year! Alice, Harry, Ron and Hermione have another action packed year full of broken rules, dangerous beasts and more than a few life changing revelations. Please R&R to find out more!

  3. Alice Evans and the Chamber of Secrets by hermy_madness

    The second installment of my story about what happens when Alice Evans goes to Hogwarts, though it could I guess be read on its own. Having gone through the fights, explosions and revelations of first year the intrepid four are back for more - unintentional rhyming I promise! - and it's not just a rehash of canon. Please R&R it is always appreciated!

  4. Alice Evans and the Philosopher's Stone by hermy_madness

    Extract: Bob Granger winked at Alice as he turned to the girl who had approached him with a woman who judging by their similarity could only be her mother. “You don't need to go round finding friends for me.” The girl threw a humiliated glance at her father who smiled indulgently at her, “love this is…” He looked slightly discomfited as he realised he hadn't asked her name. “Alice,” she supplied shyly. “Love this is Alice, she's in your year. Alice this is my daughter Hermione.” What happens when Alice Evans boards the Hogwarts Express and how will it change the lives of our heroes? Please R&R!

  5. Breaking up is hard to do by hermy_madness

    Hermione is trying to break up with Ron except she can't seem to find the words, and that's not her only problem. Told from Hermione's PoV, this started life as a one shot but I think will probably grow into a series. Please R&R!

  6. There all along by hermy_madness

    It's a month after the battle at Hogwarts (yay!-burns epilogue-) and Harry is living with the Weasley's, but when Ginny returns to Hogwarts and Hermione disappears to Australia he finds himself in a bit of a dilema. CHAPTER 19 NOW UP!... AND STORY COMPLETE!

  7. From the Past by hermy_madness

    7th year. Harry feels something is wrong -again- and goes to investigate. What happens next will change his world forever.

  8. Christmas Past by hermy_madness

    Hermione is decorating the christmas tree and remembering.

  9. Damn Him! by hermy_madness

    Just a small story post-Hogwarts, when our favourite couple get their wires crossed. Please R&R!