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Stories by vanillaparchment

  1. Heart Haven by vanillaparchment

    A home is a haven of hearts- a place where loved ones are cherished and sent out, and a place to which they can always return. Sequel to 'That Old House'.

  2. Tides by vanillaparchment

    Grief and change are parts of life- like the moon- like the tide. Like love.

  3. When I Have Fears by vanillaparchment

    Truly fearless people are scarce. Those without fears rarely become heroes. It is, after all, our fears that make us courageous.

  4. That Old House by vanillaparchment

    An old house sits at the end of a lane. Abandoned and forgotten, no one would have guessed who was going to buy it... or how full a life that old house was yet to live.

  5. Rhythms by vanillaparchment

    War sends the most normal, base things in our lives spinning out of control. You lose things you thought you would always keep close, and suddenly the things you avoid are staring you in the face.

  6. Reflections by vanillaparchment

    Actions make a good mirror. It's just hard to understand what you see.

  7. Waiting by vanillaparchment

    Sometimes, all that a person wants is a second look.

  8. An Answer Has Many Questions by vanillaparchment

    Harry and Hermione ask some of the same questions, but neither expected to receive the same answer.

  9. Ourselves Behind Ourselves, Concealed by vanillaparchment

    A single step can take you far further than you could have ever imagined. Two steps can take you closer to another person than you'd ever dreamed. A few steps outside a doorway can do both.

  10. Coffee by vanillaparchment

    Coffee breaks are always nice, especially if shared with someone else.

  11. Free by vanillaparchment

    Freedom may sound difficult to define, but sometimes you don't need to.

  12. Learn by vanillaparchment

    A friendship behind the scenes has more impact than is often noticed.

  13. Taking a Breath by vanillaparchment

    Breathing is the simplest function of our body. It keeps us alive. Perhaps that's why the moments that give us time to breathe are often the most precious. The sequel to 'Rejoicing and Remembering', and the last in the Defining the Dots series.

  14. Wandering Mind by vanillaparchment

    A wandering mind and wishful thinking in the library.

  15. Rejoicing and Remembering by vanillaparchment

    Endings begin more things than they finish. Sequel to 'Leaving with Memories'.

  16. Leaving With Memories by vanillaparchment

    Memories are like old textbooks. It's not until you open them again that you remember what you learned. Sequel to 'Escaping the Rain'.

  17. Escaping the Rain by vanillaparchment

    No matter what you do, rain falls when you thought you'd left it behind. Sequel to 'Choosing to Look'.

  18. Choosing to Look by vanillaparchment

    Sometimes it's easier to survive if you look forward and not away. Sequel to 'Containing Light in the Darkness'.

  19. Containing Light in the Darkness by vanillaparchment

    It's when it's dark that you best see the light. Sequel to 'Missing the Empty Space'.

  20. Missing the Empty Space by vanillaparchment

    You've spent so much time missing the thing that filled that hole that you've forgotten the precious things that can come out of departures. And after that space is filled, you realize you miss the empty space. Sequel to 'Finding Hope in the Unfinished'.

  21. Finding Hope in the Unfinished by vanillaparchment

    Empty spaces can give you hope. The sequel to 'Filling in the Silence'.

  22. Filling in the Silence by vanillaparchment

    Words can be robotic, tender... or unspoken. But it is when they are compared that they become the most important. A sequel to 'Defining the Dots'.

  23. Defining the Dots by vanillaparchment

    Somewhere in between dots and definitions. Skipping around the dictionaries, the people who declared what was black and white, those who left a clear trail for them to trace to create another neat little picture. Sometimes, it's nice to try freehand.