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Story of a girl called Hermione Granger by rockstar

Story of a girl called Hermione Granger


Her Life

Disclaimer: - I don't own Harry potter or any of its characters.


This story is about Hermione Granger. It sounds like a medieval age name. Well her parents are to be blamed. They named her after a character in the Shakespeare's play The Winter's Tale. Hermione hadn't been very happy with her name but now she has grown to love it.

Now a brief introduction about her.

Hermione is about to turn 16 on 19th of next month that is September. She is a student of Beauxbatons Academy. She pisses people off, easily and only 3 people in her life can put up with that. 2 are her parents and third one is her best friend Luna Lovegood. Many say that Hermione is completely oblivious to what goes around her. May be, but that's not completely true. She spends most of her time and intelligent brain in a heavenly place (as Hermione calls it) 'LIBRARY'. But she isn't completely ignorant.

She is usually called as Bookworm or a geek in her school. But she is quite ok with it. She doesn't mind people calling her these names. She thinks that it's a lot better than the names like 'babe' or 'baby' or something more stupid.

There are 3 girls in her school whom she detests the most. Cho Chang and her 2 minions Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil. They irritate Hermione to no end. They act like they are goddesses walking upon earth. They always make snide remarks upon Hermione. But Hermione doesn't react much to it which makes Cho and her gang angrier and they try to humiliate Hermione more and more.

Though Hermione is quite pretty, she isn't very optimistic about her looks. She has bushy brown hair, brown eyes, used to have large front teeth (though now they are normal due to braces she had to put on since childhood). But she thinks of herself as plain- jane. Her parents, especially her mom has told her a lot of times that she is beautiful but Hermione never takes it seriously.

Now about her parents, Robert Granger and Jane Granger. They both are dentist (you can imagine where she got her braces from). They make Hermione brush her teeth morning, noon and night. She doesn't like it but know it has its own advantage, as her teeth are better and stronger than most of the students in her class. But there is also the disadvantage; she is not allowed to eat sweets and chocolates as much as others, who don't have dentist parents.

She is more like her dad then her mom, that is less social or say almost anti-social.

So it can be concluded that she quite good at studies, almost on top of most of her classes, though not many notices it. It's an unsaid rule in her school, never to notice geeks. She is a member of math club and physics club and is not seen anywhere in sports.

That's it for intro. Now let's take a ride in her life and let's see what kind of bomb is going to explode in that and yes she is not an early riser (as many of you would be expecting from a bookworm), but that's where our story starts. Her Mom never forgets to wake her early in the morning. So here starts our ride...

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"Hermione. Get up. It's already 6:30. You'll be late" Jane said pulling the covers off Hermione and switching on the lights.

"Mom let me sleep. I still have 2 hours before school starts and switch off the lights." Hermione said in sleepy voice while pulling covers back on her face.

"Now Hermione, your Aunt Martha would be arriving in an hour with your cousin. You should be ready by then." Jane said and left the room with lights still on.

"Argh...Aunt Martha. Just great." Hermione grumbled while getting off her bed and went towards the bathroom to get ready.

Aunt Martha Vane was a distant cousin of Hermione's dad. She lived in Lambeth a district of South London. She had always been giving Hermione, tips about how she could improve and better her plain looks and bushy hair. She had always compared Hermione with her blond daughter. Because of this Hermione never thought very great of her Aunt.

Her Aunt was going to Australia with her husband for 6 months. Their event management company had got some important contracts in Australia. So that means her daughter Romilda Vane, Hermione's cousin was going to stay with Hermione's family and was going to attend school with Hermione. Romilda was a blond, with bright blue eyes and long shining hair.

Romilda and Hermione never got along well. Romilda had always tried to embarrass Hermione in family get togethers. She had always made fun of her looks. When they were younger Hermione was hurt a lot by her remarks, but while growing up she got used to it and learned to avoid them.

When they were kids Hermione had to share her room with Romilda but now that was not the case. Hermione's mom knew that they would kill each other if they shared the room. So Romilda was going to stay in another room, much to Hermione's relief.

After taking shower and brushing her teeth Hermione made her way downstairs towards the open kitchen. Aunt Martha and Romilda were already there. Two bags were there on the kitchen's floor.

"Good Morning Mom, Aunt Martha, Romilda" Hermione said with a forced smile sitting on chair in front of Romilda. She took some coffee and 2 pieces of toast in her plate and started eating. While Hermione finished her breakfast Jane asked Lisa, their house maid to take bags to Romilda's room. Romilda was already having her school bag with her.

Today was the first day of school and of the new term and Romilda who had already taken admission was going to go with Hermione there.

"Have you got all your possessions Romilda?" Hermione asked

"Of course" she said in a haughty tone. Hermione rolled her eyes at her tone.

By the time Hermione finished her breakfast it was already 7:50. Their bus timing was 8. So Hermione decided to leave for bus stop. It was going to take at least 5-8 minutes to reach there on foot.

"Ready to leave Romilda" She asked in a bored tone.

"How are we going?" asked Romilda flipping her hair over her shoulder and picking her bag.

"We are going to walk to bus stop and take school bus from there." Hermione said politely as Hermione's mom was still in the kitchen.

"What?" Romilda yelled. Hermione raised her eyebrows at her tone.

"Ok" mumbled Romilda.

"See, wasn't that difficult." Hermione said smirking which made Romilda glare at her.

They both left for stop and reached there, just before bus arrived.

Hermione straightaway made her way to last seat where Luna was sitting while Romilda sat next to Terry Boot, one of the popular guys of school. Hermione was a bit surprised at how easily she got her seat 'probably because of her looks' she thought as she sat. Luna had saved a seat for Hermione.


Romilda was going to be in some of Hermione's classes like Literature, History, Geography and Art (for drawing). After they reached school

"Will you need any help or will be good on your own?" Hermione asked Romilda. Her reply was as Hermione expected.

"Your help? What help would you be to me Hermione? People don't even recognize you" Replied Romilda in an arrogant voice.

Romilda had finally started showing her true color.

Romilda just went inside the school without waiting for Hermione's reply. 'I'll remember never try to be good to her' thought Hermione.

"So Luna, excited about first day" Hermione asked Luna as they walked inside the school.

"Oh yes. Nargles informed me that this year is going to be very interesting and will change our life." Luna replied dreamily.

Luna. She was a different story altogether. She was actually very pretty. She was a blond with long shining hair, with silver grey color eyes. But she didn't know that she was pretty. Hermione tried to tell her that few times, but she just waved it off.

Hermione considered Luna as odd amongst odds. Luna talked about strange, invisible imaginary things which didn't exist. She was not concerned whether anyone else believed it or not. But she was a true friend and Hermione liked her a lot. Luna had her own way to make others feel comfortable. Once you got to know her, you couldn't help but like her. Hermione was very protective of her. For her Luna was an innocent girl, unaware of world's cruel nature. People hurt her and made fun of her.

Hermione already fought once for her with Cho. It wasn't a physical fight, just a verbal spat. Hermione, also purposefully dropped a bowl of noodles with lots of tomato sauce on her head, though she acted innocent. Cho didn't show her face for 2 days.

Being the first day, most of the day passed with introductions about subject courses, new or transfer students. Hermione tried to avoid Cho and her gang. She didn't want to spoil her first day, even if there were very high chances that rest of them would be spoiled.

At lunch break Hermione found that Romilda was sitting with Cho and her gang at their table. 'Never waste her time' Hermione thought. She was sure that Romilda would have forgotten to mention that she was Hermione's cousin.

Hermione and Luna were sitting as far as possible from Cho and her gang. Just then Hermione noticed Neville coming towards her and Luna's table.

"Hey Hermione Luna." said Neville as he reached to their table.

Neville Longbottom, a decent guy with curly brown hair and round face. He was also an outcast like Hermione and Luna. He was not very confident of himself. Half of the time he kept tripping over one or the other things.

"Hey Neville" Luna said "How was your vacation?"

"Oh it was great. I went to Poland. My uncle there showed me some very rare breeds of plants. "He replied excitedly.

That was one thing he was very good at and quite knowledgeable. He was very interested in plants and knew a lot about them.

"Well that's really good Neville."Luna said sincerely.

Three of them always stood with each other in school. Neville was a good friend to both Luna and Hermione. They helped each other in their studies. It was a kind of unspoken pact between them, Hermione and Luna helped Neville with academics and Neville helped them in planting.


Days for Hermione were passing almost the same way on daily basis. Other than occasional arguments and fights with Cho and her gang, rest was normal. But little did she knew, it wasn't going to last long.


A/N: - Chapter is short but hope you guys would like and Review...

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