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Love For Ever by rockstar

Love For Ever


Author's Note: - You must be thinking I am going crazy. I am already working on three fics right now, and here I am starting the fourth one. Well, what can I say. Perhaps I am going through a phase where I am somewhat addicted to writing. I can only hope that you would enjoy it and review it.

Apologizing in advance for spelling and grammar mistakes.

Disclaimer: - I do not own Harry Potter and anyone or anything related.


Broken Pieces

Harry and Hermione had been together for a whole year now. They had gotten together in their 6th year. Harry had started to realize his feelings for Hermione during the start of summer vacation after their 5th year. Finally gathering his Gryffindor courage, he had asked Hermione out, a week after they joined the school for their sixth year.

Harry had found out that Hermione also had feelings for him since their fourth year. Life could never have been better for him. He had a girlfriend he was absolutely in love with. At first, Harry was afraid of what would be reaction of Ron, his other best friend other than Hermione. However, all his worries were futile as Ron said just three words:


Later they found out that Ron had been secretly dating Ravenclaw girl, Luna Lovegood who was a year younger than them, and she was a very good friend and classmate of Ron's younger sister, Ginny. Ron had asked her out towards the end of 5th year, and they had been dating secretly throughout the summer.
Harry and Hermione had a great first year of their relationship. They both have been deeply in love with each other. Harry had never felt anything like this in his whole life ever before. For the first time in his life, he felt love, intense love that warmed his heart and soul to the very core.

Harry had completely bared his soul in front of Hermione. He shared his deepest darkest secrets with her. Everything he had inside him, he shared it with her, his happiness, his sadness, his fears, his dreams, his laughs, his smiles, his mischievous side (which he didn't know existed), and…… his love.

Hermione gave him everything she had, in return of love and trust he gave her. She told him things about her she had never told anyone ever before, not even her parents. Harry was everywhere in her life, in every little corner of her heart, his love was embedded with her soul, he had become an integral or perhaps most integral part of her survival.

With each passing day, their feelings and love for each other kept intensified. Yet there was a little hitch in their relationship.

Despite the fact that the relationship between Harry and Hermione was very deep and passionate, and Harry was the first priority in Hermione's life along with her parents, she still would not let him copy her homework. (Poor Harry)

Beginning of the seventh year

It was the beginning of their seventh year. A month has passed since the start of the term. During the first few weeks of the seventh year, relationship between Harry and Hermione had been going great. They had become the most popular couple of Hogwarts. However, slowly they had started to grow apart. Lately, Harry had become a little distant with Hermione. Hermione could see something was wrong with him.

He wasn't spending as much time with her as he used to. Many times, she had tried to ask him what was wrong with him, but he just waved it off as stress of schoolwork and Quidditch.

Sometimes Hermione felt as if Harry was trying to find excuses to be away from her, as though if he was avoiding her on purpose. That thought had hurt her more than anything had ever before.

Her self-esteem as Harry's best friend and girlfriend was wounded by Harry's behavior. It seemed like he was becoming more and more distant with her and was growing closer to Ginny, Ron's sister. She could see him behaving like his old self, laughing and happy when he was with Ginny, as he used to be when he was with Hermione.

Was it what she was thinking, 'Was Harry starting to have feelings for Ginny?' Hermione felt as though she couldn't breathe. This realization had turned her world upside down. She felt cold, alone, worthless.

She felt like something acerbic was running through her system, instead of blood. She felt as though if somebody had stabbed her directly through her heart repeatedly until only shreds of her broken and bleeding heart were left behind, leaving them in an irreparable state.

It looked like only memories were left with her of the wonderful times she had spent with Harry. She still remembered one of the happiest days of her life, the day Harry had asked her out.

Hermione was sitting alone in the library doing her Potions homework. She was deep in concentration over her homework. So she didn't notice Harry coming and sitting in front of her. He didn't disturb her. He just sat there and watched her doing her homework. He was completely entranced by the sight in front of him.

Hermione was writing furiously on the parchment in front of her. Her eyes were bright and moving frantically as she wrote lines after lines on the parchment. Her hair were tied in a messy bun but few curls were dancing on both sides of her face making her look absolutely beautiful in every sense. Her skin was flawless and her face had no make-up on. Her lips were slightly parted and her lower lip was red due to the fierce biting Hermione was doing as she continued to work on her homework.

She still hadn't noticed Harry and Harry just kept staring at her. He wanted nothing more than taking her to the backside of the library and snog her senselessly. However, he knew that he couldn't do it yet. Firstly, he needed to ask for her permission to kiss her, tell her how he felt about her, and then he had to keep hoping that she returned his feelings.
Finally stretching herself, a tired Hermione looked up after she finished her homework.

"Harry!" she said looking startled. She was shocked to see Harry sitting there in front of her, lost in his own thoughts. Harry recovered quickly and smiled sheepishly as Hermione kept staring at him with her mouth slightly open.

"Sorry to startle you." He said apologetically.

"It's alright. What are you doing here?" Hermione asked.

"Umm...I wanted to talk to you about something." Harry said nervously not quite meeting her eyes.

"What about?" Hermione asked curiously, "Is everything alright?"

"Oh, yes. Everything's all right. It's just that I like, no," Harry shook his head, "I love this girl, but I don't know how to tell her." He said looking at Hermione expectantly. He just wanted to know how Hermione would react to this. He shifted his chair next to her and looked at her, waiting for her answer.

Hermione was shocked at this revelation. Her heart broke into million pieces.

"That's…That's great, Harry. You should just go and tell her straightaway. I am sure she will say yes." Hermione said with a forced smile trying to control her overpowering emotions.

Harry smiled at her with an odd gleam in his eyes.

"Are you sure, she will say yes? What if she said no?" Harry asked her looking straight in her eyes. Hermione felt as though if he could see directly in her soul.

"Of course, Harry. I am sure she would say yes. How could she not, when you are so kind, gentle, caring and not to forget, how incredibly handsome you are. No girl could say no to you." Hermione said gently, but sadly. She couldn't hide her sad expression from her best friend.

"Do you think if I go to her and just kiss her, she would not slap me? Because if she did, you would be the one responsible for it." Harry said with an amused smile.

Hermione just laughed at his statement. She controlled her feelings of despair. "She won't slap you, Harry. Just go to her and kiss her," she said with a forced smile.

Harry just shrugged his shoulder "Remember, you asked for it," Harry said in a nonchalant manner, and before Hermione could reply, he captured her lips in a passionate kiss.

It took only 5 seconds for Hermione to process what was happening, before she returned his kiss with the same fierce passion. Harry pulled Hermione onto his lap and held her tightly against his chest. They continued snogging the hell out of each other for a long time just taking short breaks in between to breath.

It looked like all the repressed emotions, feelings, and sexual tension between them had come forth in just after the one kiss and as though if an unknown power was preparing their heart, body, and soul for more such encounters in future.

Finally, they both pulled apart, breathing heavily. They both looked at each other. Suddenly, a large grin broke across Harry's face and next moment, Hermione too started laughing.
"I love you, Miss Granger." Harry said softly.

"I love you too, Mr. Potter. I love you too." Hermione replied in a laughing voice.

End of the Flashback
Hermione wiped her tears away as she remembered one of the most memorable day of her life and the days that followed thereafter. Life was taking a cruel turn for her and she couldn't do anything to prevent it, except watching as a spectator and pick up the broken pieces of her heart.

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