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Journey To The New LIfe by rockstar

Journey To The New LIfe


Author's note:- This is the sequel to my story 'You And Me'. Hopefully you would enjoy it.

Thank You very much auror_lumos09 for editing this fic.

Disclaimer:- I don't own Harry Potter and anyone or anything related.


Harry grinned back at her. He couldn't stop himself from kissing her again. He leaned towards her. "Just you and me." He whispered in her ear and crushed his lips to hers holding her tightly, almost lifting her from the floor. They both continued to kiss each other, exploring each other. They spent most of the night at astronomy tower kissing and talking about their future and life, which was waiting for them outside Hogwarts.

They both were happy, to finally find the love of their life especially with each other.

The End.


After the first night together

Harry and Hermione were still on the Astronomy Tower. It was almost dawn and they were so lost in each other that they didn't notice the time.

Harry was lying on his back and Hermione was lying next to him resting her head on Harry's chest. Hermione had cast a cushioning charm on the floor of the roof so they could both be comfortable.

Hermione shivered a bit.

"Are you cold?" Harry asked rubbing Hermione's arms.

"I think your warming charm is wearing off." Hermione said getting into seated position. She looked at her watch to check the time.

"My goodness!" Hermione exclaimed, "It's almost 5. We better get back to the common room." Hermione said while standing up. She looked down at Harry who was looking at her with a lazy grin.

"What?" she asked self-consciously.

Harry just kept grinning as he brought himself into seated position too. He grabbed Hermione's arm and pulled her towards him. She landed on his lap in an awkward position.

"You know I never got to kiss you for the last hour or so." Harry huskily whispered in her ear.

Hermione shuddered, not from the cold morning air, but Harry's warm breath.

"Who's stopping you then?" Hermione whispered back looking at Harry's emerald green eyes, which were staring back at her keenly.

Harry didn't need any other invitation. He pressed his lips to hers, wrapping his arms around her. Both of them were kissing avidly, trying to pour their feelings into it. They both pulled back when breathing finally became a necessary issue.

"Wow!" Hermione said and Harry nodded in agreement. They both were breathless and dazed by kissing. Hermione rested her head on Harry's shoulder.

"I think we should get back now or we'll be caught by Filch or Mrs. Norris." Hermione said.

Harry kissed her head. "You're right." He said.

They both got up and left together after removing the charms they had performed earlier. They flew back to the common room on Harry's broomstick with Hermione clinging tightly to Harry of course.


"Finally we made it." Harry said with relief as he sat on the couch. (There was no fire in the fireplace.) Hermione sat next to him and Harry draped his arm around her shoulder pulling her closer.

Harry yawned. He was tired but he didn't want to let Hermione go yet.

"We should get back to the dormitories before anyone come down here." Hermione said looking at a tired Harry.

"Hmmm…" Harry said, closing his eyes. Hermione laughed at this, elbowing Harry in the ribs.

"Come on Harry. Don't make me drag you to the dormitory." She said with a teasing smile.

Harry opened his eyes and looked at Hermione. He made a face as though if he was in deep thought.

"Hmmm…You know if you drag me to your dormitory I wouldn't mind it at all." Harry replied suggestively.

Hermione blushed profusely at what Harry was suggesting. She hit his arm shyly. "You pervert." She said. Harry simply laughed at her innocent response and kissed her lightly.

He got up and offered his hand to Hermione who took it without any hesitation. He led her to the staircase going to girls' dormitory.

Harry took Hermione in his arms and kissed her slowly, lazily. They had kissed quite a few times since they got together last night. Still it wasn't enough. It didn't matter how many times he kissed her he just couldn't get enough of her. She was intoxicating; he almost couldn't remember his own name. How had he managed last six years without kissing her?

Hermione felt almost drugged by Harry's kisses. She had heard other girls who had previously dated Harry, talk about his kissing abilities. She always got upset whenever she heard them, because at that time, she always thought that he would never return her feelings. However, now that she was in his arms she could tell that he was a skilled kisser. She knew it now. She knew if today, Harry snogged her senseless in the middle of Great Hall, in front of the whole student and teacher population, she would be in no way able to resist him.

Finally, Harry pulled back. Looking at Hermione's dreamy expression he felt his heart stop. She was the most beautiful sight with flushed skin glowing in the dim light, dreamy eyes and unruly hair giving her an untamed look; she was the most seductive vision he had ever seen.

"See you back in few hours, love." Harry said while looking into chocolate brown orbs.

Hermione blinked in confusion and then she remembered where they were. She smiled at him bashfully. She kissed him softly on his cheek. "See you in a few." She whispered back. She stepped back from his embrace, feeling just as reluctant as Harry did about letting her go.

Harry turned to leave when Hermione called him back.

"Harry" Hermione said.

"Yeah?" Harry said turning around. He was few steps away from Hermione. Hermione covered those steps in a fluid motion and hugged Harry tightly. Harry was surprised at this but then returned the hug just as fiercely.

After some time Hermione pulled back. "What was that for?" Harry asked surprisingly.

Hermione just shrugged. "Just felt like doing it. And I love you so much more than anything else in this world." She replied.

"I love you too, more than anything else." He said with heartfelt voice.

After that, they both went to their respective dormitories.


Everyone was asleep when Harry went back to the dormitory. It was Sunday today, so most likely, everyone was going to sleep in. He put his broomstick into the trunk and threw himself back into the bed. He was lying on his back looking at the ceiling.

He just couldn't believe what happened last night. He and Hermione were together. Hermione was his girlfriend now. He regretted taking Hermione for granted. He never really thought that one day Hermione would leave him. He always thought that she was always going to be there with him. Fortunately, he realized his feelings for her in time. With that thought on his mind, he drifted to dreamless sleep.


"Harry, get up." Ron said shaking Harry from his deep slumber. It was 8 in the morning and Harry and Ron were the only ones in the dormitory.

"Mmmm…Lemme sleep." Harry grumbled pushing Ron's hand away.

"Harry, get up and tell me what happened last night." Ron said.

"Last night," Harry murmured confusingly and then everything came back to his mind.

"Hermione," Harry spoke her name softly. He sat up and looked at Ron. Ron was looking at him expectantly.

Harry smiled sluggishly at him, remembering what happened last night. "Yes." was the only thing he said to Ron. Ron despite being slow at times or probably a lot of times immediately understood what the meaning of Yes was.

"Yes, I knew it!" Ron said triumphantly. "So what did she tell you?" Ron asked curiously sitting on the edge of Harry's bed.

"She said that she loved me too, did since fourth year." Harry said in a thoughtful voice.

"Wow!" Ron said. They both were silent for few minutes.

"Holy shit!" Harry exclaimed, "Its 8, I have to meet Hermione." He said jumping from the bed. After completing morning rituals and taking a quick shower, Harry and Ron went downstairs to the common room.

Hermione was already there sitting on the couch near the fireplace and reading a book as usual.

"Hey," Harry said sitting next to her and Ron sat on other side of her.

Before Hermione could reply, Ron spoke in between "Please do anything but please, don't kiss him in front of me." Then he made a gagging sound. Hermione's eyes widened at this and next she started to hit him with the book she was reading.

"You jerk," she said in a reprimanding voice, but her eyes were shining with mirth.

"Ouch …ouch...Harry, get her off me." Ron moaned. However, Harry was in no mood to help. He was enjoying the show a lot.

Finally, Hermione calmed down a bit. "That's what you get for being cheeky with me." She said maddeningly. Harry was still laughing. As his laugh subsided, he wrapped his arm around Hermione's shoulder.

"Sorry Hermione, but, it's fun to tease you." Ron said ruefully.

Hermione smiled. "It's ok." She said. Harry and Ron, both were shocked.

"What no angry comeback? Harry is surely having a great effect on you." Ron commented with a chuckle.

"Just shut up Ron. I don't make angry comebacks." Hermione replied with a disgruntled look.

"Sure. Mate whatever you're doing, just keep it up." Ron said looking towards Harry. They both shared a laugh as Harry squeezed Hermione's shoulder for calming her down.

"Ok now, enough of pulling my leg. Ron don't you want to go down to the Hall for breakfast?" Hermione said raising her eyebrows at Ron.

Ron suddenly jumped from his seat. "Yes! We should go to the Great Hall and quick! Otherwise, everything will be gone by the time we make it there. I'm starving!" Ron said in dramatic tone and made his way towards the portrait hole.

Both Harry and Hermione laughed at Ron's love for food. They both got up from their places and followed Ron outside the common room.


"Are you ready for this?" Harry asked Hermione. Harry and Hermione were standing outside Great Hall. Ron had already gone in, as he was extremely hungry.

"No," Hermione replied, "Now come on, let's go in, and make a blast." Hermione said offering her hand to Harry. Harry grinned at her and took her hand.

"That's my girl." Harry said pulling her closer. They both entered Great Hall. Everyone was busy chattering. Harry and Hermione made their way towards Ron who was busy eating. Slowly, the chatter stopped. Everyone's eyes were now following Harry and Hermione's joined hands. However, they both ignored all the stares and sat in front of Ron.

That's how their first day of getting together started and as the next couple of days passed, others kept pointing at them. Many of them came and congratulated them for getting together. Another big group of people said that they were not surprised to see Harry and Hermione together. They were expecting them to get together for a very long time.

Nevertheless, that was not the end of problems for Hermione. She was getting envious glances from most of the girls, especially Harry's previous girlfriends. The only thing that calmed Hermione's nerves was that Harry was there with her. He never left her alone to face all those brutes.


Harry had never been happier in his life before. It was a pure delight for him to be with Hermione, to look at her, to touch her, to hug her, to kiss her… to love her. It all came naturally to him, as though if he had been doing it for years. Every day he loved her more and more. His heart always swelled with pride and giddiness whenever he was with her. One thing Harry found out about Hermione was that it was very difficult to resist her. She was very tempting for him even if she wasn't intentionally trying to be that way.

They never flaunted their relationship in front of others. Hermione wasn't very comfortable in having intimate moments with Harry in public. Harry respected her wishes. He wanted her to be completely comfortable and assured in their relationship.

They would spend lots of time together alone. They would walk around the lake, study in the library, spend nights at astronomy tower, and so on. These moments were best moments for Harry. He also loved to tease her and surprise her and she always fell for it. One of his favorite moments was one that happened in the library where it was Hermione, who surprised him or more accurately shocked him.

Hermione was in the library. It was empty except for her and Madam Pince. Almost everyone was in the Great Hall for their breakfast.

Hermione had already finished her breakfast before the other students arrived at the Great Hall and then came straight to the library. She was looking for a book in one of the racks at the back of the library. Suddenly she felt a hand around her waist and was being pulled against a firm chest.

Hermione was about to scream, but a hand covered her mouth.

"Shhh….." a husky voice whispered in her ear and then the hand was removed from her mouth. Hermione shivered a bit. It was a familiar scent coming from her abductor's body. The touch was memorable and warm. She didn't feel scared, but safe in the arms of her abductor. She knew who it was. It was Harry.

Since they had started going out, Harry had become very mischievous with her. He would tease her, prank her but he loved her more. She loved those little pranks, which most of the time ended with passionate kissing, one of the best part about their relationship. However, now was the time to give him a taste of his own medicine.

"What are you doing here? If my boyfriend found us here in this position, we both would be in trouble." Hermione said in urgent voice. Harry, standing behind her, went rigid. He was under the impression that Hermione didn't know who it was.

"Your boyfriend?" Harry asked gruffly to hide his actual voice.

"Yes. You know Harry, my boyfriend." Hermione said. She still hadn't turned around. "He's so clueless." Hermione continued with a laugh.

Harry's grip tightened around her. Hermione smiled at this but she went on with her plan.

"I missed you so much. These days, you don't have time for me." She said in a voice as though she were disappointed.

Harry was speechless. He didn't know what to say. Hermione was seeing somebody else behind his back. No, that was not possible. Then what was it? Why was she speaking like this? Then suddenly it hit him like tons of heavy bricks.

"Shit!" Harry shouted.

Hermione knew he had finally figured it out and started laughing. Harry turned her around and looked at her laughing face. One moment she was in his arms and next moment Harry had her pressed against the wall next to the rack. He had one arm around her waist and his other arm was resting against the wall near to Hermione's head. He was almost hovering over her, his forehead touching hers.

"Why you little witch….playing with me." Harry said teasingly looking deep in her eyes. Hermione shivered at the look in his eyes. She felt as though if she would just melt right then and there. She composed herself with difficulty.

"Well, it was all your doing. I was just playing my part." Hermione said in a mock voice.

"Well you surely had me there. Never ever do that again. You almost gave me a scare." Harry said in a stern voice but corner of his lips were already moving upward."But it was funny. If it wouldn't have been me at the receiving end, I would have surely enjoyed it." Harry added with a chuckle.

Hermione gave him an apologetic smile and kissed him softly. Soon their slow kissed turned into a mind-blowing snog fest. As they were at the back of the library, there were almost nil chances that librarian would catch them.

At last, Hermione pulled back and looked in the Harry's intense emerald green eyes. How much she loved his eyes. She always felt like he could see into her soul with those deep, penetrating eyes.

"I Love you." Hermione said her voice full of emotions.

Harry kissed her forehead. "I love you too." He said.


Days passed quickly for the trio. NEWTS had finally started. All the seventh years were frantic. These exams were going to decide their future. They were putting everything into their preparation.

It was one of the evenings during their exam days. Harry, Ron, and Hermione were sitting in the common room and were preparing for their Defense Against the Dark Arts exam.

"Ron, is that your owl?" Hermione said pointing towards one of the closed windows in the common room. Both Harry and Ron looked towards the window. It was dark outside. A figure of an owl could be seen knocking on the glass of the closed window with its beak.

"Yeah, it's Pig." Ron said getting up. He went towards the window, opened it, and took his owl in. A letter was attached to the owl's leg. Ron took the letter and owl flew back outside the window and towards the Owlery.

Ron came back and sat onto his empty seat. He opened the letter and read it quickly.

"Wow!" Ron said in loud but surprised voice.

"What happened?" Hermione asked.

"It's from Mum. Bill is getting married to Fleur this August." Ron said happily. "And Mum has made it mandatory for both of you to stay at Burrow till the wedding. So you guys are coming straight to the Burrow with me after we finish school." Ron finished.

"That's great news Ron." Harry said excitingly, "It would be the first time I would attend any wedding."

"You would love it; it's very different from weddings in muggle world." Hermione said.

"But Ron I won't be able to come straight to the Burrow. I need to go home first. You know I have been away from my parents for so long, first the war and then our final year. I would like to spend some time with them as well but I will be at Burrow few days before the wedding." Hermione said.

"No problems Hermione. I'll write back to mum explaining everything." Ron replied.

Eventually, their exams were over, and now was the time to step into the outside world.


Harry, Ron, and Hermione were traveling on the Hogwarts express for the last time. When they reached the station, the Weasleys were already at the station to receive them and so were Hermione's parents. Hermione's parents were very happy to meet the Weasleys and Harry.

Harry was disappointed that Hermione wasn't coming to the Burrow with them. Hermione promised him that she would be there soon. In the end, she kissed Harry and left with her parents.

Harry had never felt so free in his life before. Now he had a whole life in front of him to plan, with Hermione right by his side.


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