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Stories by Roz

  1. Harry Potter and the Desideratum Crusade by Roz

    This is an alternate version of Harry's seventh year that I wrote before reading Deathly Hallows, and explores the hunt for the Horcruxes and developing relationships. Harry, Ron and Hermione begrudgingly return to Hogwarts for further training for the showdown that they know is in the near future. While hunting for the Horcruxes in between classes, they come to realize the sacrifices that are needed to destroy each one. Will the love and friendship they have for each other be enough to end the battle they have begun?

  2. Wants and Needs by Roz

    This was the first story I wrote about Harry and Hermione. I was asked to post it, so here it is! It is a one shot about what happens after Harry wins the war. Short and sweet. I hope you enjoy it.