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Stories by Island Girl

  1. Seven Years Later... May the Best Wizard Win by Island Girl

    AU,EWE: All these wizard competing for her hand has pushed Hermione to her limit! Fleur knows exactly how to prove who should be Hermione's True Match. Mild swearing, Molly-bashing, moderately redeemed Slytherins. Companion piece to Two Years Later Reviews are intrinsic to a writer's well-being!

  2. Two Years Later... by Island Girl

    AU, EWE: Hermione is blackmailed into attending the 2nd anniversary of Voldemort's defeat. Harry/Hermione if you squint. Hermione-centric, with Ron-bashing. Resurrected Snape, Sirius, Regulus and Remus. Mild swearing, hence the PG13 rating. Companion piece to follow. Reviews much appreciated and cherished

  3. Will You Avenge her? by Island Girl

    The Three, The Four, and The Five. Without the Summoned Twelve, there’d be no justice for the wrongly slain. Without the combined power of The Thirteen, there’d be no hope in rescuing the one who’d been murdered from the land of the dead: Hermione Granger. EWE?, Anti-canon, Anti-Dumbledore, Anti-Weasley. Sirius, Remus live, Redeemed Snape, Reformed Malfoys, Theo Nott, Marcus Flint and Viktor Krum

  4. Caught Off Guard:Hooligan of Hogwarts/A Hooligan Among Us by Island Girl

    The Hooligan continues to strike, Harry keeps botching his romance with Hermione,Ron's figured out that Luna is truly lovely, and Draco is all sorts of snarky, bad-boy, sexiness. The Trio's Seventh year has only become more interesting. not compliant to any book after OotP. Last Chapter: The Hooligan Confesses to someone! *** Reviews are SO SO valued! Please review!***

  5. Hard Day - Harder Night: Still Night of the 'Night Before' by Island Girl

    Part three of the Hard Day - Harder Night series... Waking up hard has its own rewards... Excerpt: Keep your eyes closed and your head turned to the side. If you don’t look at him, you still have a chance at denying that this ever happened – you never saw a thing. Above all else – DON’T PUKE! PLEASE! Review!

  6. Elemental Warfare: When Forces Collide by Island Girl

    A battle has been raging all day and each side has a plan to play out. The very elements themselves are not beyond anyone's reach... Excerpt: Charlie re-sheathed his wand and pulled the reins to the left. The chill of high altitude bit through his protective leather gear. An unexpected flash of combustion ignited far below him. Hovering safely behind D.A. and Phoenix lines, he waited. Ron’s plan may work after all…

  7. Another Hard Day - Harder Night by Island Girl

    Someone else has had an ugly day. This time, solace is found in joy of love and marriage. Told from a wife's point of view.

  8. Hard Day - Harder Night by Island Girl

    An ugly day, a reprieve and passion's sensual promise. A Lily and James story set after Hogwarts but before they move to Godric's Hollow. Please review - I normally write for H/Hr and this is just outside my area of 'expertise'! Special Thank Yous to Allie and MC!

  9. Undeniable by Island Girl

    A sojourn to the lake's edge takes a wonderfully naughty turn. FINAL CHAPTER IS UP and is rated NC-17! Please, let me know what you think! I am a HUGE APPROVAL JUNKIE: PLEASEPLEASE! Offer you thoughts!

  10. The Price of Angst by Island Girl

    Harry extracts payment for a past due bill for 'Angst Received'. The qustion is: how can he make good on the 'invoice' Hermione demands he 'make good' on??? Rain, angst and hard sex!

  11. Red Panties by Island Girl

    PWP - Music,satiation and freedom - all set against a back drop of 80's power songs...what more could anyone want! Except to have reviews offered - I have never written a sex scene before! Rating changed to reflect intensity...