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Stories by TheGreatFox2000

  1. Never Lose Faith by TheGreatFox2000

    In their seventh year, Harry admits his feelings to Hermione, only to be rejected. After Hogwarts, the war against Voldemort drives them apart...will Harry ever see Hermione again, or will he silently carry his love for her to the grave? A short one-shot, PG for brief mentions of violence.

  2. Original Sin by TheGreatFox2000

    Six years after Voldemort's demise, long standing woes surface between Harry and Ginny. Seeking comfort and a place to vent, Harry goes to Ron and Hermione's flat only to find Ron away on business.

  3. Hogwarts Drama Co. by TheGreatFox2000

    With the downfall of Voldemort, Harry is looking for something to fill the void...with Hermione's help, of course. There will be seven episodes, one for each of the '7 before 7' challenges. Enjoy!

  4. Harry Potter and the Stone Circle by TheGreatFox2000

    Book 7, as it should be. As the hunt for horcruxes begins, Harry begins to realise just what is truly important to him. Rated R for violence and some mature themes.

  5. Delusional by TheGreatFox2000

    One night at Grimmauld Place, neither Harry or Hermione can sleep. Talks over hot cocoa ensue. IT'S GOT ROMANCE! IT'S GOT TEH ANGST! And best of all, it's got a little bit of SMUT! For all the shippers out there who were crushed by HBP, this one's for you.

  6. My Farewell by TheGreatFox2000

    Spoilers for Book 6, so don't read this if you haven't read that first. THIS IS NOT A HAPPY FIC! If you want nice fluffiness, seek elsewhere. This is a purely depressing story reflecting how I felt after reading HBP. Enjoy.

  7. Fawkes' Gift by TheGreatFox2000

    ::SEQUEL to What It Costs To Save The World by Ahn Na Blue:: If you haven't read that, don't bother reading this as you won't understand much of it. Two years after the battle in Dumbledore's office, certain people start putting together pieces of the puzzle. But when Voldemort returns to power once again, where is the one that will bring him down? Rated R for dark concepts and mature themes.

  8. Secrets of the Shadows by TheGreatFox2000

    Part III of the Second War Trilogy. Harry and Hermione have been accepted into the Auror Program, and are ecstatic. But neither of them could have expected what training was going to be like. Nightmares now plague everyone, strange disappearances riddle the land, and the secrets in the shadows will finally reveal themselves. Rated-R for mature concepts and violence.

  9. It's The Most Miserable Time Of The Year by TheGreatFox2000

    Incredibly sugary fluff fic for Valentine's Day. As Valentine's Day rolls around during Harry's 7th year, he reminisces about his previous Valentine's Days, and what he's going to do to relieve the stress of the current one (NOT THAT! Get your minds out of the gutter, people ;) ). Incredibly, sappy, sweet, fluff. You have been warned.

  10. Who Turned Off The Water? by TheGreatFox2000

    After Harry’s fifth year, he’s left to his own devices at the Dursley’s until he receives a strange letter from Dumbledore, and an even stranger surprise as a result. Response to the ‘Don’t Ask’ challenge by Digital Dodo. One-shot turned into a two-shot ;).

  11. The Path Ahead by TheGreatFox2000

    Part II of the Second War Trilogy. An accident happens that leaves Harry and Hermione stranded where they least expect it. H/Hr, L/J, D/G pairing with talk of R/L. Ever seen a story with all four ships in it before? :) Rated R for sexual content & graphic violence. R&R please. Flames welcome, I need something to cook my burgers on :)

  12. Who Says Christmas Can't Come Early? by TheGreatFox2000

    Chapter 16.5 of The Path Ahead, written in honor of Hermione's birthday. NC-17 for a reason. Read and review, and most of all, enjoy!

  13. The Best Birthday Ever by TheGreatFox2000

    One-shot. Written on July 31st for Harry's birthday. Hermione gives Harry his birthday present early. It's the missing interlude in Chapter 2 of The Path Ahead. NC-17 for a reason. Enjoy!

  14. The Times Are Changing by TheGreatFox2000

    PART I of the Second War Trilogy. Times and people are changing. Voldemort prepares to attack, the students learn illegal spells to help in the fight against him, and loves are realized. H/Hr, R/LL. PG-13 For language and violence. R&R please. Not my best work, but essential to the plot of Part II. (COMPLETE) Note: This story was originally completed on, then edited and revised again for Portkey. Those of you who wish to read the original version, please visit my Fanfiction account.