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  1. While You Were Sleeping by burgosdamasco

    During the final battle Ginny Weasley was left in a coma. Years later Ginny awakens. brief mentions of other ships Harry/Hermione, Ron/Padma etc. Just a warning: This is very different than my other story Draco's Favorite Nurse. If angst, drama and kissing till after chapt 10 isn't your thing....stop reading now! If a story with lots of suffering is up your away!

  2. Draco's Favorite Nurse by burgosdamasco

    Employed at a low income health clinic, Nurse Ginny is surprised to find herself working with new Healer Draco Malfoy. * COMPLETE* Just a warning: Much different than my fic WYWS! Sometimes we just need a bit of fluff in our lives, don't you agree?