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The Low Shine of Light by phoenixwriter

The Low Shine of Light


The low shine of light

Rating: PG-13 could be higher in later chapters
Genre: Romance, Action/Adventure
Length: 20 chapters or more
Other Ships: Till now no others might change to Ron/Luna and Neville/Ginny
Contains spoilers for books #: 1-5
Warnings: Hermione will be OOC because of that what will happen.
Summary: Harry is back in Privet Drive 4. He is still suffering because of Sirius dead but this will change very soon. Someone else will be his worry. What happened that Hermione turns up in the middle of the night at the Privet Drive? Had the war already begun? So many questions and only a few answers. Will Hermione ever again the same as before? This year she might see Thestrals…

Author Comment: The first fanfic I ever wrote. I will still change some things because now after OotP it will make a lot more sense as it did before. Be aware that this Fic won't be uploaded often since I'm determined to have those chapters like they ought to be. The first time ever I work with another writer together. Perivayne dos an outstanding job and for this I'm willing to give this story as much time it needs. I know some of you won't like waiting and I'm sorry for this to let you so long wait but for a well written story it's a must to check and double check it. I do not want that one day I realise that this fic turned out as pointless. I can assure you this fic will have a point and to get it rightly across to you I'll give as much background information as possible. This means I won't get fast to the Hogwarts scenery, I won't write directly H/Hr this all ought to be built up, need to have a background. Since I wrote about 20 Chapters in a German vision of this story you can be sure I have the plot outlined. About Hermione being OOC in fact to me she is not OOC in this fic, never will be but to you it might be like that. But I hope, dearly hope you will with all those Background I'll try to give you that you understand why things happen like that in this story. Remember Hermione Granger is behind all those knowledge, behind all those books just an insecure girl who has fears, very real fears.

This Story is probably very close to my heart because I get a chance to show you how I see those characters and how they would development in my own little universe, how I would play out those feelings. I know some might think in the first few chapters I have a go at Ron, but I don't. This is from Harry's POV, this are feelings you have if you think the world is lying on your shoulders. Soon, maybe not as soon as I like it you'll see how Ron realise things. I want to form him to a matured, very loveable person though at first it seems I'm against him in this story. It is just how it starts. Till now I'm not sure how long this story might be, how many chapters I need. But it is very possible that I hit the 30 chapter mark very easily. I have a lot to tell, a lot twists in my mind so as the building up of H/Hr. Since I plan to write a sequel to this I will let me time with H/Hr this say I won't write 2 full story's about the never ending love between Harry and Hermione. Most realistic it should appear that Harry develop feelings, really deep feelings for this girl and for that a story need time. Its to your own favour, I hope so, if H/Hr happens later but built up with a lot nice scene's.

In fact I have a lot stored in this head of mine to give you enough to enjoy this story. So believe in this and my ability's. I know that through the fact that I'm German that this says things will get out slower as you know it by people who can write and think perfectly in English. But you might realise that I doing all those struggling with a language which isn't even my own that a lot heart blood is in this work. Mostly I write this story for myself to show me that I'm able to write a novel length story.