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  1. The Wedding Planner by Mara Jade Potter

    Based on the movie! To Hermione's delight, Harry comes home from working as an Auror...only to announce he's engaged! And guess who he wants to plan the wedding??Chaos abounds! CH 15 UP!

  2. A Birthday Surprise by apaidan

    It's six years after the Final Battle and the last person he expects shows up at Harry Potter's front door. Birthdays are times to make amends, or balance accounts

  3. After the Fighting by Viper714

    Like so many of you, I hated the Epilogue to Deathly Hallows. So I wrote this alternative. Part 1 is an alternate "official" (read: no shipping) epilogue. Part 2 will be a 'shippy H/Hr with part 3 being R/LL. FINALLY FINISHED! Special announcement for everyone who hated Deathly Hallows! Note: This was written very quickly an has not been beta-ed.

  4. Normalcy by lillyfan16

    Hermione asks a question that keeps Harry awake, pondering whether he would be better off with a normal life.

  5. The Stowaway by IronChefOR

    A Christmas oneshot. A security officer on the Queen Elizabeth 2 finds a mysterious stowaway aboard her ship. His name: Harry Potter.

  6. Things Worth Knowing by Ella Marie

    Now you looked at me, and your laughter didn’t fade or die. Now we danced all night, making up for lost time.

  7. Harry Potter and The Balm of Time by ladylaughalot

    Dumbledore concocts a cunning plan to travel back in time and destroy Voldemort's Horcruxes. His untimely death prevents him from going so Harry must go in his place, and take the one person whose help he really needs with him.

  8. Forever by WolfyLunarStar

    One-Shot! Harry has a nightmare. What was so bad that he didn't even want to tell one of his best friends about it? After a little persuasion, she relives it with him. Hermione reassures him. After all, only friendship and love last forever. HPHG

  9. Rhythms by vanillaparchment

    War sends the most normal, base things in our lives spinning out of control. You lose things you thought you would always keep close, and suddenly the things you avoid are staring you in the face.

  10. My Future or Our Future? by ShellyLove

    Following the war, everyone seems to figure out what they'll be doing in the future. Everyone except Harry, will Hermione help him figure it out? Read and Review please!

  11. Any Other Way by ShellyLove

    What really happened between Harry and Hermione in those hours of waiting for themselves to emerge from the Whomping Willow. [ this is my first fanfic ever, Reviews would be great!] Love, Shelly(:

  12. What He'll Sorely Miss? by MayorHaggar

    ((Last two chapters re-uploaded)) After the Second Task of the Triwizard Tournament, Harry wonders if Ron is truly the thing he'd miss most, and tries to sort out his feelings for a certain bushy-haired bookworm.

  13. The Road Not Taken by Nox

    Response to a the FY!Harry/Hermione FicFest 2010 challenge. Set in mid-DH, Harry and Hermione have a moment in the woods, some time after Ron has left them. Two roads lay before Harry: which road does he take? Can a literary passage help him chose?

  14. The Halloween Costume Almost-Fiasco by anAnomaLy

    The newlywed Potters are hosting a Halloween party, and Lily has managed to convince James to dress up as... Superman?!

  15. Four Things Harry Never Said (and One He Did) by papermask

    Four things Harry didn't have the courage to say, and one that was too important to be afraid of.

  16. What's In A Name? by papermask

    Hermione reflects on her marriage with Ron, why she still has feelings for Harry, and what is truly in a name.

  17. If You Don't Want to Love Me by xCailinNollaigx

    Cancer. It hits and devastates thousands of families, leaving everything in ruin in its wake. Ginny Weasley never thought she would be a victim left in the ruins, her husband gone and she left without a notion of what to do. She begins running - but soon finds out,to her surprise, she's not the only one running. [EWE. R/LL, H/Hr]

  18. This Isn't A Dream Potter by hjptimes2

    This fic totally ignores HP and the Deathly Hallows. It is my take on what should have occurred following the end of Half-Blood Prince. Follow Harry and his friends on the treacherous journey to find the horcruxes and defeat the most evil dark lord in Hogwarts history. Please enjoy.

    This story has missing or damaged chapters. If you have a link to this story on another site or a saved copy please contact [email protected] or /u/pk-archive on Reddit.

  19. A Matter of Destiny by Bingblot

    In a different time, Harry and Hermione were born in different countries and have never met. But some things are a matter of destiny... AU.

  20. Wherever The Road Shall Go by LadySophieKitty

    It started with notes written to each other using magnets, and ended up in a road trip that led them to rediscover each other...and themselves.

  21. Memories by Chance

    Harry receives many items in Dumbledore's will, one of which is his Pensieve. He decides that someone else can make much better use of it and asks Hermione to meet him in the Room of Requirement.

  22. Love, Hermione by lilymione1203

    Today was the day, or so she had been told. Maybe he wouldn’t go through with it, but more than likely he would. Choices had been made; she had made hers, and he did the same. Maybe he thought it was over. But did that mean it was too late?

  23. You Belong With Me by muggledad

    It's amazing when one's eyes open to Truth. Amazing, glorious and terrifying.

  24. A Rather Indecent Proposal by Carla

    'I need you to be my boyfriend.' 'Luna, you... do know I'm with Hermione... don't you?' 'Yes, but don't worry, it's okay. I'm not a jealous person.' Ron's eyes almost bugged out. Every time he thought he'd seen her at her limit of craziness, she managed to surprise him yet again.

  25. Light in the Darkness by Bingblot

    She was his light in the darkness... One-shot.

  26. The Third Husband by addisonj

    Hermione in her first Muggle therapy session discussing the end of her marriage to Ron and her growing feelings for Harry. One-shot.

  27. Prank or Threat by cakeandmilk

    I am pleading guilty for killing yet again another plot bunny. “A silly prank gone awry” was all she knew of it. But Harry knew better. How will Harry and Hermione deal with something that blatantly threatens their friendship and relationship?

  28. A New Opening Night by apaidan

    London is known for its drama. The Mousetrap is the West End's longest running play; Les Miserables, the longest running musical. For soap opera? It's the Harry & Hermione Show, playing at 12 Grimmauld Place. For almost eight years, they've been raising their godchild, making a home, everything a loving couple should do, except for one little thing. Be a couple. Finally Ginny's enlisted the help of a secret weapon to see if we can ring down the curtain on Granger & Potter and have a new opening act, Potter & Potter.

  29. Pretend by cuteybearkel

    Just when Harry and Hermione had finally gotten up the nerve to tell each other how they really felt, two seemingly harmless people burst into their lives and proceeded to turn what HAD been a content existence upside-down. Watch the story unfold as a young couple loses everything they had finally created together, and tests the strength of their love against everything keeping them apart.

  30. Lost by snoopy_pie

    *snippet* He returned his gaze down to Hermione who had stepped so close to him he could see the small flecks of gold shimmering in her eyes. His heart swelled with love for her but something held him back. Voldemort's last words echoed through his memory and He stepped away from her.

  31. Until the Dust Settles by LadySophieKitty

    After the war, Harry has a difficult time getting back to normal. Then one day, he tells Hermione about an idea he has: to open an orphanage for children who lost parents during the war. Hermione helps him, hoping that this is what he needs to recover from the past. HHR

  32. Love Him by papermask

    Hermione's perspective of the last scene of Book 7, and what follows. Chapter 3 coming soon.

  33. And She Knew: Four Ficlets about Harry and Hermione by addisonj

    Four Ficlets about Hermione realizing how she feels about Harry. Post-DH, pre-epilogue. Friendship, angst.

  34. Wants and Needs by Roz

    This was the first story I wrote about Harry and Hermione. I was asked to post it, so here it is! It is a one shot about what happens after Harry wins the war. Short and sweet. I hope you enjoy it.

  35. If Phoenix's Could Smile by Iron Man

    One year after the war, Harry has it all, a great career, a new familiar and his parents house in Godrics Hallow. Yet, something is missing. It was something he had only realised a little over a year ago...

  36. Breaking up is hard to do by hermy_madness

    Hermione is trying to break up with Ron except she can't seem to find the words, and that's not her only problem. Told from Hermione's PoV, this started life as a one shot but I think will probably grow into a series. Please R&R!

  37. Ghosts of Yesterday by LadySophieKitty

    Lily has inherited the ability to see ghosts. However, after making a mistake, Lily ignores her talent until the summer before her 7th year. Desperate for money Lily becomes an Au Pair to James Potter's cousin Amy. Her most pressing problem comes in the form of Amy's ghost of a brother. Everyone thinks he was murdered but Lily is convinced to find the truth.

  38. You're My Angel by anAnomaLy

    James comes home with a surprise for Lily, but their evening goes sour when he accidentally offends his very pregnant and very touchy wife.

  39. Tortured by Viopathartic

    Instead of Voldemort invading his dreams, Harry finds himself tortured by something else...someONE else...

  40. Rude Awakenings by hypotheticalxsituation

    Sometimes, the truth is better when it is revealed quickly, painfully, and completely selfishly.

  41. Flowers in the Moonlight by cuteybearkel

    A Hogwarts Valentine's Day tradition has Hermione feeling a little down about herself. Harry finds her sitting alone in a secluded spot and does his best to comfort her, with unexpectedly delightful results. Funny what a little moonlight can do.

  42. Hermione Granger and the Insidious Plot by apaidan

    Something has happened and Hermione's been recalled to London from the middle of a delicate mission for the Ministry. She can't seem to find satisfactory answers anywhere, and she certainly can't seem to find one Harry James Potter. Is there a connection?

  43. One Red Rose by gti88

    These ideas chased each other around his mind without effect and in the end, only succeeded in frustrating him further. Still, he settled on bringing in only Ron and Hermione on this sensitive information. A best friend and girlfriend could be trusted with anything. He needed the Order to work efficiently after all.

  44. Last Love by MemoriesFade

    One line, visible only to one man, was etched beneath the engraving. "Wherever I am, there you are also."

  45. Love Her, Hate Him by LittleV25

    This story has been removed because I lost my muse and inspiration to it. Until I feel like I can write again, it will be discontinued.

  46. Of Vanity and First Kisses by moogle

    There are some things that cannot be tolerated. Hermione Granger getting a first kiss before you is one of them. Suffering this humiliation, Ginny sets out to protect her pride and get that fabled first kiss. Unfortunately, not everything goes to plan...

  47. That Bloody Ball by jennygryffindork

    Short scenario in the midst of the Yule Ball in which Harry talks to himself, searches his inner soul, and finds happiness. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll lose 10 pounds.

  48. Best Friends Having Lunch by addisonj

    Harry and Hermione are just best friends having lunch, or are they? Incorporates epilogue. Chapter 1 has angst, Chapter 2 is happier.

  49. It Feels Like This by Hermione Potter

    The staircase scene from Harry's point of view. [Now turned multi-chaptered]

  50. How the Brunette defeated the Redhead by cedricslove

    Ginny thinks that she has won Harry's heart, but has she? Please R&R

    This story has missing or damaged chapters. If you have a link to this story on another site or a saved copy please contact [email protected] or /u/pk-archive on Reddit.