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Stories by cuteybearkel

  1. What Friends are For by cuteybearkel

    A very rough day lands Hermione on a bar stool at the Leaky Cauldron and causes her to do something very out-of-character. Harry steps in to help her out. After all, that's what friends are for.

  2. The Next Great Adventure by cuteybearkel

    Harry is about to make the ultimate sacrifice for the good of the world that he loves, but is stopped along the way. What happens when love and loyalty outweigh the risks and someone joins him on his next great adventure? (Not affiliated with Vicarious Leigh's like-titled piece.)

  3. Pretend by cuteybearkel

    Just when Harry and Hermione had finally gotten up the nerve to tell each other how they really felt, two seemingly harmless people burst into their lives and proceeded to turn what HAD been a content existence upside-down. Watch the story unfold as a young couple loses everything they had finally created together, and tests the strength of their love against everything keeping them apart.

  4. Flowers in the Moonlight by cuteybearkel

    A Hogwarts Valentine's Day tradition has Hermione feeling a little down about herself. Harry finds her sitting alone in a secluded spot and does his best to comfort her, with unexpectedly delightful results. Funny what a little moonlight can do.

  5. Haven by cuteybearkel

    Sometimes, one can find comfort in knowing that no matter what happens, no matter what life throws one's way, there will always be that one place; that place where all the imperfections and hardships of life seem to slip away, leaving nothing but comfort, calm, and, if one is very lucky, someone with whom to share this haven.

  6. Stay by cuteybearkel

    When everything suddenly become much more complicated, Harry realizes that sometimes, you just really need to ask the difficult questions. Minimal fluff, mostly just a conversation between two best friends on a train.

  7. The Single Exception to Hermione's Rules by cuteybearkel

    In which Hermione sleeps on the table, Patronuses can carry letters, and Harry most certainly does not cook lobsters in the shower. Confused? All will be explained once you've read it!

  8. Hermione's Song by cuteybearkel

    When Harry Potter woke up on one gray, gloomy day and found Hermione singing to herself at the table, he thought that he must be losing his mind. Or, perhaps, that the world was imploding. What he didn't know was that he was quite wrong, and that that morning had the power to change his life for the better... forever.

  9. Cinnamon Hearts by cuteybearkel

    When Harry spends time with Hermione on Valentine's day, cinnamon hearts are just plain necessary. This year, however, Harry's got something a little more special planned... (Pure fluff.)

  10. Empty by cuteybearkel

    When something terrible happens to Harry, Hermione is left with a strange feeling... or lack thereof. Watch as she consults an old friend, and tries to understand why she just feels so... well...

  11. Liking You in that Other Way by cuteybearkel

    Harry knows he has to have a talk with Hermione, but is he really brave enough? What I think should have happened during those terribly ignored walks around the lake.