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Tortured by Viopathartic




Author's Note: So hey. Wow, I'm posting something? No way : )

Yeah, so I came across american girl's challenge on Portkey a couple of weeks ago and thought, "Wow, that's a good challenge. I should do it". Well, of course, I didn't because I'm really lazy and it's also been a while since I've written anything.

But then, honestly, like an hour ago, I started writing this because I was…happy. You know that feeling? Like, when you find out good news and you're totally unfazed by any bad thing that comes your way, and you feel like you're just unstoppable? Yeah, that's what I felt. (I just got accepted to NYU) It's like, bam! That feeling of hallelujah! Haha, I must sound like I'm smoking something.

So, I felt really good and like I could accomplish anything…and so I decided to pick up the challenge. I really hope you like this or you're at least intrigued. I feel like my writing has improved so much. Comparing this to my first fan fiction written when I was 12…wow (I'm 17 now, just letting you know)

Okay, this note might turn out to be longer than the actually chapter!

It was snowing.

He glanced down at his bare feet that were buried under blankets of white. He didn't have a jacket on-only a t-shirt and pants-yet he wasn't cold. It seemed like each step he took was like a step in water. The snow parted slightly, allowing him to walk unburdened. He knew where he was-he knew it. But…what was the name? Oh, he couldn't figure it out. It didn't really matter.

A flash.

He was somewhere else, somewhere familiar.

He saw her near a frozen fountain as she was bending down to grab snow with her gloved hands. A bright, colorful Gryffindor scarf was wrapped around her neck and a small beanie that kept her brown, usually uncontrollable hair contained warmed her head. She smiled blissfully as she blew the snow away like fairy dust from her opened palms.

He smiled.

She glanced up to see him looking at her and blushed.

A small joyful laugh escaped from his mouth; she rarely blushed but when she did, she would look so many years younger. He did not approach her because he felt like he would ruin this perfect scene before his eyes. He just wanted to watch her in this rare state of childish happiness. He hardly ever got to see her like this. Eyes sparkling with joy. Cheeks pink from the cold. Dazzling, gorgeous smile.

She brought a hand up to wave at him but stopped suddenly. Something else to her right had caught her attention…something that he couldn't see.

He watched as she ran towards whatever she was mesmerized by, and this time, she had another smile placed on her face. She looked…so happy, and for one brief moment, he wondered what could make her smile so beautifully? And why couldn't he make her do that? He shivered.

A bright flash appeared, and he raised his arms up to protect his eyes. But there was no need because the disturbance disappeared as soon as it appeared. It was then…

…that he saw her in the arms of someone else. Who was he? Oh. He knew who he was. He knew. Seeing them together caused him to hurt somewhere, but he couldn't tell where. Yet, it was excruciating! He yelled through gritted teeth, falling to his knees. It hurt! It hurt. He screamed for their attention, but no one helped him. His breath became shallow, his throat closed up, and the pain seemed to eviscerate his insides. He reached out with a hand, which quickly became blurry to his eyes.

Before his eyesight gave way, he was treated to the sight of the two of them standing above him, smiling so poisonously at him.