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Stories by DarthMittens

  1. Healer by DarthMittens

    "You are definitely a person worth saving." Seven words spoken by a stranger standing at the foot of Hermione's hospital bed irrevocably change both of their lives forever. AU. Muggle Hermione. One-Shot.

  2. Pierced by DarthMittens

    When Harry is bitten by a vampire will he finally learn what the 'Power-He-Knows-Not' really is? M for Violence and Sexual Situations...No Smut!

  3. Fight for Her by DarthMittens

    Hermione rejects Harry's love proposal so she can be with his best friend. He'll never stop fighting for her, though. Never. One-Shot. M for language.

  4. By Your Side by DarthMittens

    When Hermione is free from the restrictions of school, she hits the party scene hard. Harry's there, by her side as always as she starts the downward spiral. But he can't take being used and tossed aside any more. His heart can't take it any more. R for language.

  5. When In Need by DarthMittens

    Hermione's in pain and Harry wants to know why. And no matter how angry she gets with him, he'll never stop trying to help her. One-Shot.

  6. More than Anything by DarthMittens

    When Hermione misses her and Harry's third date in a row, Harry is forced to take drastic action. It's up to Hermione to sort out her priorities before it's too late.

  7. Another World: Hermione Chapter by DarthMittens

    Harry Potter is a class-skipping delinquent who's also dating the student council president, Hermione Granger. There comes a time when one has to grow up and realize that not all people's paths are the same. Based on the Clannad Tomoyo OVA. Muggle HHr.

  8. Those Three Words by DarthMittens

    'She was getting farther from him, her sobs echoing in the hallway. She was getting away…he didn't have enough strength to do anything about it.' A small tale about the price to be paid in the event of one's death. Angsty One-Shot.

  9. Hermione, I Miss You by DarthMittens

    Hermione falls into a coma after being brutally beaten by a mystery assailant, leaving Harry to raise her three-year-old daughter, the father of whom is unknown. And when she wakes up, everything will have changed.

  10. All Your Fault by DarthMittens

    Harry's world crumbles around him as he sees the love of his life in anguish following Ron and Lavender's kiss. The pain he feels from his unrequited love drives him to recklessly seek out Voldemort. AU. No Horcruxes. Inferred final battle.

  11. Decisions by DarthMittens

    Harry had one week with Hermione before she disappeared without a trace. 15 years later, he finally finds her and discovers why she left. Will they get their happy ending? Written a while ago, so don't expect writing on par with my current stuff!

  12. Resurrection by DarthMittens

    Harry's depression a few months after the final battle is slowly but surely destroying Hermione, who decides enough is enough.

  13. A Day in the Life by DarthMittens

    Just an average day in the life of a young man who lost his love. Inspired by the song 'My Immortal' by Evanescence. NOT a song-fic.

  14. Shattered by DarthMittens

    And he knew as she said "I do" to another man that he would never be able to put back together the broken pieces of his heart. Rated R for Language.

  15. Like Father Like Son by DarthMittens

    AU. Harry Potter, just another normal Hogwarts student with no evil whatsoever plaguing his life, really likes Hermione Granger, who won't even give him the time of day. How is he going to win her heart? By being a complete tosser, of course. Just like how his father won his mother's heart. Boys are idiots.

  16. Give Me Another Chance by DarthMittens

    When Harry confesses his love to Hermione, she lies, telling him that she loves Ron. Harry leaves and Hermione realizes her mistake. Her and Ron's relationship quickly crumbles. 3 years later, as a professor at Hogwarts, Hermione has the opportunity to rectify the mistake that has been haunting her every minute of every day since that fateful night. But will Harry listen to her? And who will help Hermione in her quest for Harry's heart?

  17. The Power He Knows Not by DarthMittens

    Harry's sitting by the lake during the night following the Final Battle thinking depressing thoughts. Who better to cheer him up than Hermione? One-shot.

  18. Being an Idiot Can Pay Off by DarthMittens

    One-shot. Harry's in love with Hermione, who doesn't seem to see him as anything other than a friend. To impress her, he decides to jump into the lake in the middle of Winter. What. An. Idiot.

  19. Seducing a Girl is Easy...Right? by DarthMittens

    Harry makes a bet with Ron that he can seduce Hermione by the end of the week. But it isn't exactly as easy as he thought it would be, especially when he has to simultaneously deal with Ron's stupidity. R for language.

  20. The Hard Road is Worth the Reward by DarthMittens

    During his sixth year Harry comes to the conclusion that Hermione no longer wants to be his friend. So he stops being her friend. Rated PG13 for language and a disturbing amount of fluff.

  21. The Means to an End by DarthMittens

    What happens when there's a party in the Gryffindor common room and Harry accidentally drinks a truth serum developed by the Weasley twins? Weasley-bashing galore. One-shot. A touch of crude language.

  22. Just as Friends by DarthMittens

    Hermione decides to ask the man of her dreams to the Yule Ball. Fluffy one-shot.

  23. But I Really Love You by DarthMittens

    'The woman I loved sat down opposite from me. "Harry, I need your help. Can you help me...make Ron jealous?" My heart wilted. "Yeah...Okay," I replied hollowly. Man, was I pathetic.' A little one-shot about the ups and downs of love.

  24. Valentine's Day Blues by DarthMittens

    Harry confesses his feelings to Hermione, who doesn't believe him and shoots him down. How will she ever make it up to him, especially considering the fact that she feels the same way? Will he even listen to her apologies? One-shot.

  25. Not Always Right by DarthMittens

    Hermione breaks up with Harry because she thought that he was going to break up with her. Two years later, she finds out what Harry was really about to do. Will Harry ever forgive her?