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A/N: Being a seventeen-year-old male, I find that I greatly dislike the Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer. And yes, I even read it. Being an avid reader and a lover of fantasy (especially Urban Fantasy), I had to give the series a try because it is such a sensation among people my age. I really didn't like it at all.

But I find that I've played enough video games, read enough books, and watched enough movies concerning vampires to let one book series ruin them for me. So I have no problem writing a Vamp!Harry story. And Harry will benothinglike the Twilight vampires.

Please Enjoy!

"Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood."
-Marie Curie


Chapter 1 - Pierced By Fangs

Harry Potter's emerald eyes shot open as he sucked in a deep breath, his hands shaking and sweat running down his face. He jammed his glasses on his face (even though they began sliding down his nose instantly) to look around his near-pitch-black dormitory. He pushed them up again and slowly stood up while trying to calm his pounding heart, his hands still shaking as he opened the door and headed down to the common room and out of the portrait hole.

Once he got out of the castle he took a deep breath of the fresh night air, the coolness and sight of the starry sky effectively calming him. He shook off the foggy remnants of the nightmare (which had been concerning Voldemort, of course) and began taking a long walk that would take him quite ways on the path between the forest and lake, his normal ritual for a night like this.

As he looked up at the millions of stars illuminating the vast infiniteness of the universe, Harry thought about the prophecy again.

How he had to kill Voldemort…or die.

How he had a power that Voldemort didn't know of.

Harry sighed and looked down at his hands as he held them up a bit, wishing he could be one of those millions of stars instead of…whateverhe was. Voldemort had his eye on him. Oddly, it seemed that Dumbledore was doing the same if for different reasons.

Harry was so lost and confused, and would've been completely hopeless had it not been for Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, his best friends. They were there for him when he needed them (especially Hermione, though) and he tried to do the same for them, but they all knew that Hermione and Ron paid more attention to his problems than he to theirs. They always said it was okay and that they expected it, but he still felt guilty every time he thought of it.

Harry was so deeply immersed in his thoughts that he didn't even know someone had been watching and following him until he had been knocked out.

Harry moaned as he woke up, his head throbbing. He tried to move his hands up to rub his eyes but found that he couldn't move. His eyes shot open and he looked down to see a thick rope binding him to a tree. He looked around at his barely-visible surroundings just to see that he was in a clearing in the forest and that it was still nighttime, which meant that he hadn't been out for long (unless he had missed a whole day…).

A ring of torches flared to life and Harry finally saw his abductor, who was sitting cross-legged a few feet in front of him. She was a beautiful woman who looked to be about 25 years old with long, flowing brown hair, deliciously plump red lips, long legs, a larger-than-average chest, and incredibly pale skin that was offset perfectly by her red satin dress, ruby lipstick, and lightly applied make-up.

As she studied him studying her, Harry found his voice. "Are you a Death Eater?" he asked with no fear in his voice.

The woman's lips lifted up at the corners before she chuckled a deep, throaty chuckle that made Harry's neck hair stand on end and sent a shiver down Harry's spine. "Death Eater?" she asked with humor. "Those weaklings? I have no interest in wizarding wars, petty and uninteresting as they are."

Harry took a moment to digest her words, unable to understand the meaning behind them. The woman stood up and walked up to him, a seductive sway to her hips. She ran one smooth, cold finger along his jaw, sending another shiver along his spine. "But you're not boring, my sweet," she said quietly. "You're a very fine specimen."

Harry could feel the heat rising to his cheeks at her proximity and asked through his dry throat, "What are you doing?"

Her smile turned into a grin as she easily tore off his pajama top, leaving him naked from the waist up. He began stuttering as his face turned crimson, but the woman cut him off. "Shh," she said as she lightly dragged her nails up his abs. "Relax."

Harry tried to fight it off, but he couldn't help his seventeen-year-old hormones as he grew hard. A beautiful woman had him shirtless and was teasing his stomach, how could he have resisted? He fought off his embarrassment and looked his captor in the eye defiantly. She gave him a cute pout and said, "Poor Harry Potter, going to die a virgin."

So she was going to kill him after all. He couldn't let that happen-he had things to do. He said, "Please don't kill me."

She cocked an eyebrow at him as her face became thoughtful. "Give me one good reason…" she said.

Harry swallowed and said, "I have…something I must do."

The woman smiled so broadly that her perfectly white teeth showed for the first time. "I know what you must do, Harry Potter," she said. "I am merely helping you with that task. Whether you live after death is up to you."

"Live…after death?" he asked, confused.

And then her eye teeth grew into long, pointed fangs that applied just a little bit of pressure to her lower lip. Harry surprisingly felt no fear despite the fact that he knew this vampire was about to bite him. "Never lose your will to live," she whispered as she rested her hands on his shoulders.

Harry swallowed hard and asked, "What's your name?"

"Katerina," she whispered before she gave him an impish grin. "Can't let you die without receiving your first kiss, can we?"

She pressed her body and lips against his, her ice cold skin not feeling horrible. He kissed her back, thinking,Eh…What the hell.Even though she was a vampire, she was still soft and had womanly curves, every one of which Harry could feel as she deepened the kiss, pressing herself harder against him. He moaned into her mouth as their tongues met and she smiled against his before moving her way down to his neck, giving it languid kisses and brushing it lightly with her tongue. She whispered, "Live," one more time before Harry felt her fangs touch his pulse point.

He grimaced at the sharp pain as they broke his skin and she began drinking his blood. Then he smiled lazily as it began to feel really good, a mental image of him and Katerina doing very naughty things together playing in his mind.

Katerina smiled against his neck as she felt him grow harder in response to the visions she was projecting into his mind. She continuously injected her vampire magic into his body as his sweet blood filled her mouth and slid down her throat, making her moan in pleasure. The vampire magic would keep his brain functioning and alter his DNA, making his skin paler and flawless but for his scar.

After pulling his sweet nectar into her body for quite a while his pulse became weak and thready, signaling that he was close to dying. She took in a few more mouthfuls before reluctantly pulling away from his neck, licking her lips in satisfaction. Magically infused blood was the best and Harry Potter had the most raw magic out of anyone whose blood she had ever sucked.

She kept her hand over his heart, waiting for him to die, and looked up to see his head hanging limply with a ghost of a smile still on his face. His heart slowed down to nothing and he finally died before his eyes shot open and he began thrashing in pain, bucking against the rope. His fangs grew and shrank a few times and Katerina cut the ropes-his body would be doing a bit more thrashing. And thrash it did as Harry's brain tested its limbs before finally settling down. Now Harry just looked like he was sleeping but for the thin sheen of sweat covering his body as it continued going through its change.

Katerina scooped him easily though she was five inches shorter and 50 pounds lighter than him and carried him back through the forest towards Gryffindor Tower. When she got to the bottom she levitated up to his dormitory window and slipped in. She lightly placed him on his bed and kissed his forehead, looking at him fondly. He had a very tough few months ahead of him, but she knew he could persevere.

She wiped a tear from her cheek as she jumped out of the window and lightly landed on the ground over 100 feet below. She had lived over 1,000 years and sired over 2,000 vampires, yet she had never wanted to see a fledgling's progress more than this one here.

What made her sad was that she wouldn't be seeing this one's progress. She would be too busy being torn to pieces by the Master Vampire.

The Master Vampire may have feared Harry Potter and ordered all vampires to make no contact with him whatsoever, but when she had looked at his sleeping face she couldn't help but feel she did the right thing.

Harry woke up groggy the next day, rubbing his eyes as he let out a loud yawn. He charmed his teeth clean as he made his way to the bathroom to shave. Shaving was cool the first time when he was about 15 but now it was just a nuisance.

He lathered the shaving cream on his face and washed the excess off his hands before picking up his razor and gliding it down his jaw line. He looked up at the mirror to make sure there wasn't any hair left there and promptly dropped his razor in shock. There was nothing in the mirror.

Well, not literally nothing, he could see the wall behind him, buthewasn't there. He reached a hand up to touch the mirror to ensure that it was real, only to have his worst fears confirmed when he not only touched the mirror but realized this was the same mirror he had been shaving in front of for two years.

Then the events of last night hit him and he staggered backwards, using the wall behind him for support. He felt his neck where Katerina had bit him only to find there were no marks there. That was confusing to Harry until he remembered that vampires had amazing healing capabilities that would have healed his scar in those remaining five hours of sleep with no problem at all.

He felt his eye teeth to make sure they were normal size, his hands shaking in apprehension. They felt normal-sized and he breathed a quick sigh of relief. At least they weren't always going to be fangs. He concentrated hard and willed his teeth to grow into fangs, gasping as they did so. They pierced his bottom lip and he felt surprisingly little pain before feeling the little holes with his fingers. They healed almost instantly and his fangs shrunk back to normal size when he willed them to shrink again.

He shakily walked into a toilet cubicle and rested his head in his hands as reality set in. How was he going to keep this from everybody? He was pretty sure no parents would want their children going to school with a bloodyvampire! How was he going to feed? How was he going to play Quidditch, especially since he was Quidditch Captain? How was he going to be a normal person? His life was over!

And who could he tell? Ron was definitely a no, the blabbermouth he was. Dumbledore too was a bad idea, for Harry thought the old man was a bit manipulative-no telling what he might do in a situation like this. Hagrid? But no, the man was very loyal to Dumbledore and thought the best of him. He would tell Dumbledore without hesitation, thinking that the Headmaster would do what was best for Harry.

He groaned and stood up, dragging himself out of the bathroom and sighing as he pulled his shirt on, getting ready for the school day. He looked over at Ron, who was laughing and talking to Seamus as he finished getting ready for the school day.

I hope there are pancakes at breakfast today,Harry heard Ron's voice say in his head.

"What?" he asked, looking at Ron oddly.

"Seamus said he tricked his muggle friend into eating ten bogey-flavored jelly beans!" Ron said with a laugh.

"No," said Harry distractedly, "what did you say about pancakes?"

"Pancakes?" asked Ron slowly. "What pancakes? I didn't say anything about pancakes."Has Harry lost it? Did the pressure make him go crazy?Should I-

Harry looked away from Ron and the stream of thoughts stopped, making Harry's eyes go wide. He looked at Seamus, who was tying his left shoe.I wonder if Lavender will want me if I show her how big my arms are.Harry would've laughed if it weren't for the fact that he was in shock over being a vampire and being able to read minds.

He grabbed his bag and stumbled downstairs, shaking his head to try to clear it of all the swirling thoughts and worries. This was shaping up to be the most hectic day of his young life and he didn't like it one bit.

"Harry?" came a worried voice from the common room. Harry looked up to see Hermione Granger, his other best friend. "Harry, are you alright? Why are you so pale?"

"I'm fine," said Harry a bit tersely, wanting a bit of time to himself to sort out everything.

She came up to him and put a soft, warm hand against his forehead. Harry noticed she smelled like vanilla and old parchment as she leaned in close, looking up into his eyes. The powerful scent of fresh blood overwhelmed all of that though and he couldn't help but look at the throbbing jugular on her pale neck. "You're terribly cold," she said, concerned. "Are you sure you're alright?"

"I said I'm fine," Harry snapped as he turned around and walked right into a low table, smashing his shins painfully against it. He growled and picked up the 100-pound table with one hand before throwing it clear across the room with ease, spinning back around before it slammed into the wall, smashing into little bits.

Harry left the room and headed down to breakfast, not slowing down as a wide-eyed Hermione struggled to keep up with him. "Harry, what the hellwasthat?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," he said quietly, a little ashamed of his outburst.

"You threw a table across the common room with one hand and made it look easy!" she exclaimed. "What do you mean 'I don't know what you're talking about'?"

"Adrenaline rush?" Harry said feebly, not wishing to have to try and outwit Hermione (since he knew he would lose anyway).

Luckily, Hermione saw that Harry didn't want to talk about it, so she settled with a "Hmm…" and an arched eyebrow.

As they walked through the halls together silently, Harry was still so deep in thought about what he was going to do about his vampire problem that he failed to notice a window coming up. He hissed as he stepped into the light, the ultraviolet rays of the sun burning his skin. He quickly jumped back and turned around as he clutched his left hand, which had taken the brunt of it.

"Harry, are you alright?" he could hear Hermione's worried voice asking from behind him as he watched the skin heal before his very eyes.

He shuddered as the pain faded away, his skin perfect again. He forced a smile onto his face as he turned around to Hermione and said, "Yep, perfectly fine."

She gave him another skeptical look before glancing at the window and back at him. Then she got a determined look on her face and leaped at Harry, hugging him hard. At first he was confused, but then pain exploded through his chest, ripping through him and tearing at him. He couldn't help but scream, it was ten times worse than a crucio, the burning agony focused on his chest radiating throughout his body. Hermione jumped back from him and he crumpled to the ground clutching his chest and moaning softly.

"Oh my gosh, Harry!" Hermione cried in horror. "I'm so sorry! I didn't think it would hurt that much! There were two shirts between your skin and my cross!"

Ten minutes and she already knows, Harry thought sourly while trying to find the strength to stand. He wanted to snap at her, to yell at her for hurting him, but he was comforted by the fact that she still cared for him even though she knew he was a vampire. So he chuckled and weakly said, "I thought you weren't religious."

"I'm not," said Hermione, who was now crouched next to him. "But my parents are and they sent me this cross last Christmas. I'm not going to not wear it." Then she gave him a sympathetic look and quietly asked, "Harry, what happened?"

Harry stood up on shaky legs and told her all about what had happened the previous night (minus the kiss and the part about him being a virgin). When he was finished, Hermione immediately said, "We can't tell Ron or Dumbledore."

"I agree," said Harry, rubbing his tender chest. Then he laughed a dry, bitter laugh and said, "Don't I have the greatest life ever? Parents dead, maniac wants me dead, and now I'm a vampire. Great. Just great."

"It's not all bad though," said Hermione thoughtfully, "at least not for your fight with Voldemort. Vampires have incredible strength and healing powers. Not to mention their…er, other powers," she said, her cheeks a bit pink.

"Other powers?" asked Harry interestedly. Then he remembered the power he had discovered this morning. "Oh, like mind-reading!" he said. And as he said that he decided he would never use that particular power on her. She, being the wonderful, loyal person she was, deserved her privacy.Now, other people on the other hand…

"Exactly," said Hermione, cutting off his train of thought. "And…er…their powers of seduction," she said, her face now completely red.

"What?" asked Harry incredulously, his cheeks turning a bit pink too.

"Well, it only works on people attracted to the vampire's sex, but basically you exude a scent that those people find incredibly attractive and your physical features are also tailored to their desires," she said quickly while keeping her eyes averted from him. "It's been passed along through natural selection to make hunting easier."

"I see," said Harry thoughtfully, unsure how he would be able to use this power in his fight against Voldemort.

"But that doesn't really matter right now," said Hermione. "Right now we need to figure out how you can still be normal so you aren't found out by the professors. I think they'll be a little less than welcoming if they find out what you've become."

"I agree," replied Harry.

Hermione studied Harry thoughtfully. "Well, first off you have to breathe," said Hermione.

"What?" asked Harry, very confused. "I am breathing."

Hermione arched an eyebrow at him. "Your body breathes for you without your conscious thought because it needs oxygen. Vampires don't need oxygen. You haven't been breathing this whole time," Hermione explained.

"I haven't?" Harry asked redundantly.

Hermione just shook her head in response. Harry forced himself to breathe and immediately knew that as soon as he lost concentration he would stop, for it definitely required concentration. Hermione seemed to see this on his face and frowned before saying, "Keep it up as best you can, but I think we're going to have to hope that no one notices."

At just that moment a thought struck Harry. "Wait a second…can't vampires turn into bats?"

"That's only for muggles who turn into vampires," said Hermione quickly, always eager to share her knowledge. "As a wizard, your magical core…distortsthat certain ability. I'm not sure what the end result would be, but…I think it's best that you just don't attempt it."

"Don't attempt transforming into a bat," said Harry thoughtfully, trying to hide his disappointment that he wouldn't be able to use that particular skill for mischief around the castle.

"I think the most troublesome problem though," said Hermione, "is going to be feeding. You'll have to carry your wand with you so you can obliviate and heal anyone you feed from and-"

"Wait a second," interrupted Harry. "Why can't I just…feed from an animal or something?"

Hermione cocked her head in thought, trying to think of how she could explain it to Harry without making it sound like she wasn't speaking English. "Basically, animals are kind of like…junk food to vampires…except they taste even worse than what's healthy for you: humans. And they're even worse to your health. Your body will quickly deteriorate to a shadow of its former self and within a few months you'll be dead."

"But I don't want to kill anybody!" exclaimed Harry in response.

Hermione rolled her eyes at his guy-ishness. Leave it to a man to jump to conclusions and not think things through logically. "Don't drain the person completely, Harry. If you need to, just take a few mouthfuls from a few people."

"Oh," said Harry. "Brilliant."

Hermione then grabbed Harry's arms and held them tight, squeezing them as she looked up at him with glistening eyes. "And whatever you do, Harry, don't change who you are. Don't become a violent vampire that enjoys killing for the fun of it and thinks he's a god or something. Stay who you are now."

Harry felt choked up as he stared back into Hermione's eyes. He knew that although it would help him keep his secret, that wasn't the reason at all why she had said that. Harry gave her a small, confident grin and said, "I promise on my parents' grave that I'll never change into a monster despite what I am."

"Good," said Hermione firmly before sniffling and wiping the unfallen tears from her eyes.

She grabbed his hand to pull him to class, which was going to start in ten minutes.

I promise you, Hermione.

As long as you promise me to always stand by my side.

A/N: Well, there's Chapter 1. I know it may have seemed a little hectic and a little overloaded with information, but I wanted you to feel just as discombobulated as Harry did. :D

I hope you enjoyed the chapter and I hope you review!