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Stories by greymalkin

  1. The 5 Lives of Hermione Granger by greymalkin

    Post-Hogwarts AU: This life starts with a rainy night in September and approximately 9.4 hours of labor.

  2. The 6 Times Harry Potter Didn't Say "I Love You" by greymalkin

    The first time, he is all of 11 years old, brave and naïve and out of his depth.

  3. Wish You Love by greymalkin

    So with my best, my very best...I set you free. A songfic about endings and beginnings.

  4. Escape by greymalkin

    At the end of the war, there is a need to get away.

  5. Table for Two by greymalkin

    What was supposed to be a quiet dinner turns into something a little bit more…A funny little ficlet that’s also posted at my Livejournal.

  6. Gorgeous by greymalkin

    What makes a woman gorgeous? Harry explains.

  7. Remembering by greymalkin

    Sometimes memories we thought we’d lost come back to us when we least expect it. A warm night and a quiet house leads Hermione to remember. Drabble.

  8. Just Another Day by greymalkin

    It's just another day for Harry Potter and Hermione Granger...