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Stories by Piccolo999

  1. Loneliness by Piccolo999

    Harry and Hermione are both lonely children. They meet at Hogwarts and form a strong bond of friendship, with undercurrents of love.

  2. The New Dark Lord by Piccolo999

    Sequel to Year of Discord. AU. Even though Voldemort has been defeated, a new Lord has arrived to take his place. Meanwhile, Draco Malfoy is falling into darkness. Can anyone save him? HP/HG. DM/OC. NL/OC. RW/LL.

  3. Potter: A History by Piccolo999

    See the history of my AU Harry Potter story, how Harry was sorted into Slytherin, his friendship with Draco Malfoy, and everything else that happens during his first five years at Hogwarts. While not included in this fic: future pairings are H/Hr, DM/GW, RW/LL. PREQUEL TO MY STORIES - AU: YEAR SIX AND YEAR OF DISCORD.

  4. Harry Potter and the Year of Discord by Piccolo999

    Sequel to Harry Potter and the Alternate Universe: Year Six. This is my Slytherin Harry's seventh year at Hogwarts. Now that Voldemort is out in the open, the wizarding world is in for one chaotic year of distrust, sneak attacks, and death. Pairings: HP/HG, DM/GW/NL, RW/LL.

  5. Harry Potter and the Rebirth of Time by Piccolo999

    After losing everyone he loves to Voldemort, Harry goes back in time to change things, but he might just be making them worse. Somewhat of an alternate universe fic.

  6. Harry Potter and the Alternate Universe: Year Six by Piccolo999

    n AU in which Harry is in Slytherin. He isn't evil, just in Slytherin. Story documents Harrys sixth year, how he grows closer to a certain bookworm, and closer to his final confrontation with Voldemort. Pairings: HPHG, DMGW, possible RWLL. Possible spoilers for book six.