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Stories by leedee

  1. Could have been by leedee

    What would've happened to Harry Potter's life if things had gone different that fateful night his parents were stolen from him? What if Snape hadn't heard the prophecy? What if Harry and Voldemort didn't meet that night and Voldemort remained powerful?

  2. Less Than Tomorrow by leedee

    (After book 7, but disregarding the epilogue) After ending her relationship with Ronald Weasley for the final time, Hermione returns home to be reunited with her friends and family - and to start a new career as an Auror. Getting used to working with Draco Malfoy and trying to fight off her feelings for the engaged Harry Potter seem to be causing nothing but problems with Hermione's first mission: seducing and arresting the very wealthy Connor Cowell. But it turns out that more than one person's feelings are at stake and Hermione must watch her step or else wind up falling into a triangle of love and lust.

  3. Tears from the moon by leedee

    (Written before DH) Hermione is training to become an Auror and things are finally moving forward between her and Harry. But after something horrible happens that drives them apart, will they ever find their way back to each other again?

  4. Hidden Agenda by leedee

    Cho Chang wants Harry all to herself but she feels that Hermione is in the way. She turns to someone unexpected to help her get Hermione out of the way. What happens when Hermione gets a new pursuer?

  5. In my secret life by leedee

    The war is finally over and Harry is celebrating with a weekend in Hogsmeade. His girlfriend Ginny will join him, as will his bestfriends Hermione and Ron. But what will happen when Harry realizes that he has feelings for Hermione?