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Stories by Sebastian07

  1. Harry Potter and the Ghosts of the Past by Sebastian07

    The War is done, but the Trio still have a long way to go before they ride out the waves of it's violent storm. There are still several loose ends to wrap up, those to which they are aware of, and yet still those which they are not. Follow Harry, Ron and Hermione as they face these challenges to come.

  2. Harry Potter and the Magi Games by Sebastian07

    AU. The Dark Lord Voldemort is stalled only briefly with his run-in with the Boy-Who-Lived. Afraid to attempt the curse on Harry twice, Voldemort instead decides to hold the boy as his prisoner. As he molds the English Isles into a dark new world, the surviving wizard populace is segregated into their Four respected Clans, and are only brought together once a year by a group of selected, school aged children to pay tribute to his victory, and to remember the cost of defiance as all the rest are forced to watch them duel to the death in the Magi Games.