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Stories by Andrewsquill

  1. Dark Lord Rising by Andrewsquill

    Forced to compete in the Triwizard Tournament against his will, Harry faces things which no fourteen year old wizard should. A loss of innocence, coupled with betrayal, causes Harry to either give up or change in order to meet the challenges ahead.

  2. Darkness Descending by Andrewsquill

    Harry tries to understand what Dumbledore meant by his greatest power while deciding if the Wizarding World is really worth saving.

  3. The Aftermath by Andrewsquill

    *contains character death* Trying to come to terms the loss of his godfather and the devastating news about Hermione and Ron, Harry seeks solace on the grounds. He is joined by a couple of members from the DA and he discovers what he really needs is a friend to talk with.