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As You Wish by Alexandria Malfoy

As You Wish

Alexandria Malfoy

A/N: I've decided to try my hand at writing again! I've been working on a bunch of my WIPs simultaneously for the past few months, so those should all be updating again soon. I'm also working on a new story, so be on the look out for that one (I just need to figure out a title haha).

As You Wish - Chapter 2

I feel like now would be an appropriate time to explain the situations that got both our protagonists to this point in our story.

Draco's is neither a particularly long tale, nor is it complicated. Its entertainment value is entirely subjective, but it goes a little something like this:

After Harry "Praise Be His Name" Potter defeated Voldemort, things weren't smelling of roses for the Malfoy family.

To say they were Social Pariahs would be the understatement of the century. Draco was allowed to finish his schooling at Hogwarts, of course, but he was a quieter, less social creature at that point than he was before the final battle. Pansy and Blaise became his confidantes, as well as his bodyguards of sorts. The other two had little social standing amongst the crème de la crème of the Post-Voldemort Hogwarts, for no matter what the "Good" side said, they were just as guilty of discrimination, especially toward those Slytherins who were allowed to return to school.

Draco delved into his school work with a renewed vigour, keeping his nose to the grindstone as he ignored the snide and oftentimes cruel remarks made about not only himself, but his family as well.

A large portion of him believed that he deserved it for all that he had done. But a smaller, more righteous part of him knew that he was just a confused kid (still was, at that point) who did what he did because he was trying to protect his family from a megalomaniacal hypocrite. That explanation, however, didn't sit so well with the general populous of Hogwarts.

To his credit, though, Draco never gave in and played the victim card. Merlin knows he could've; countless times, he could. But there was just something, didn't know what it was - pride, maybe? - that said, "I'll be damned if I let these idiots know that they've won." So maybe that's what fuelled the fires, caused people to gossip even more, exploit his family even more.

It came as no surprise to anyone when Lucius Malfoy decided to step down from not only his position in the Ministry, but also as a partner in the family's trading company. But seeing that Draco's great-great-grandfather was one of the founding partners in the company, the Malfoy name was still attached.

Lucky for the Malfoys that their company was the premier trading firm/monopoly in Wizarding England, or else they'd really be fucked.

So when Draco left Hogwarts, he started at the bottom of the heap in his family's company. Everything had to be earned, despite his surname already being attached to his employer. And by the time he happened upon Ginny, he was doing pretty well for himself. But that's not to say that he didn't work his arse off to get there; which explained his social status at the time Ginny entered his life.

Ginny's life, on the other hand, was pretty fantastic when she met the Bottle. Not gonna lie.

After the final battle, Ginny did what was expected: she finished up her schooling with Harry, pined after Harry, lost her virginity to Harry, continued to date Harry, and moved in with Harry after she graduated.

In fact, right up until about two years before our story starts, Ginny was living the dream of almost every girl in the Wizarding World - not only was she getting her freak on with the Boy Who Lived, but she was as good as engaged to him.

Life seemed pretty sweet for our girl until she decided to do something very unexpected.

It began with Hermione's hen party, about a week before she was set to be the Matron of Honour at Ron and Hermione's wedding.

Things were going incredibly well for her; she was happy in her relationship with Harry, she loved training at the Auror Academy, and she couldn't be more excited to see her brother get married to the girl of his dreams. Yes, in that moment, life was wonderful for Ginny Weasley.

But I said she did something unexpected, and something unexpected she did do.

She had been having a great time out with her friends, going from pub to pub, club to club that night with not a care in the world, getting absolutely positively sloshed. She knew she was going to have a raging headache the next morning to accompany the wicked hangover that was sure to occur, but none of that mattered because she was having the time of her life.

Unfortunately, due to her impaired judgement, she failed to notice the familiar dusty bottle of Firewhisky that had somehow made it into her grasp.

Needless to say, she was clearly outwitted by the genie she found within and the next morning, she found herself the Bottle's newest resident.

Since that night, Ginny's gone through sixteen masters. At first, she was loathe to take part in what she considered a "worthless, antiquated, and demeaning job" (her words, not mine), but that was until she realized that she had more power as a genie than she did as a witch. No offence to the Wizarding population, but there's very little that a genie can't do.

After a while, though, she grew to enjoy her new job. The Bottle gave her all the amenities that she needed, protected her from creepy blokes that tried to get fresh with her, and it allowed her to travel all over the world.

The unexpected part comes from the fact that she actually went along with her new gig. And she was good, damn good.

As you can imagine, though, being a genie was a bit rough at first.

Not only was she separated from her family, but it was all so sudden. There was no time to say, "Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I was tricked into becoming a genie. See you whenever." For those first few months, Ginny worried constantly over what her family and friends would think about her sudden disappearance, especially before such a big family event.

And they did worry something fierce. Harry and Ron headed up search teams, hoping to find her somewhere in Wizarding England.

Hermione felt worst of all considering it was her party that Ginny was last seen at. But there was nothing the redheaded witch could do. She just had to put on her big girl panties and deal with the fact that for all intents and purposes, she was gone; wiped off the face of the earth even though she was still alive.

During that time she tried reasoning with the Bottle, tried to convince it to let her send a letter, a Floo, something to let her loved ones know that she was alright and working on a way to get herself out of this sticky situation.

But like I said before, Ginny turned out to be quite the dynamo when it came to being a genie. She figured that if she was stuck in the Bottle for Merlin knows how long, she might as well be good at it. The better she got, the less she worried; pouring herself into being the best damned genie she could be, much like Draco poured himself into his work at the office.

When she got Draco as her new Master, seeing someone familiar from her past, no matter how unwanted he was, reminded her that there were people out there who cared about her. She made a mental note to convince Draco to let her visit her family at some point.

* * * * * * * *

"So. I'm your new Master."

"That would be correct," Ginny drawled, leaning back against Draco's desk.

Blaise had found a spot on Draco's sofa to perch on, getting himself a glass of actual Firewhisky to get him through such a difficult time for his friend.

"Now what, exactly, does this entail? I don't see the point in having you around since, you know, I already can do magic on my own without issue." Draco began pacing around the room in front of Ginny, trying to wrap his head around the fact that not only did his best friend gift him with a genie bottle, but the genie was a Weasley.

Life is hard.

Ginny grabbed Draco by the hand and led him over to the sofa, forcing him to sit down next to Blaise. She procured a glass of Firewhisky for the blond man with a wave of her hand, a thin layer of reddish smoke trailing after the glass as she handed it to Draco.

"Go on," she prompted. "It's safe to drink."

Draco took a sip, visibly relaxing once he realized that he hadn't been given a glass full of poison.

"Now," Ginny paused, calling one of the chairs in Draco's office over with a curl of her index finger. "There. So much better," she announced as she sat down in the armchair, crossing her legs as she did so. "Now I can tell that this is a bit strange for you -" She was cut off by Draco.

"Strange! You've been missing for the past two years and you suddenly show up as some genie. My genie, for that matter. Of course this is strange. It's fucking insane, that's what it is."

Ginny held up a hand to prevent him from saying anything else.

"I know it's hard for you, but do you think you could just listen for once? I'll try to explain everything to the best of my abilities."

She waited until she received a nod of approval from Draco before continuing.

"Excellent. Like I was saying, this is a strange experience. For not only you, but for me as well. I wasn't expecting to have you as my new Master, but the Bottle seems to think that I have something to gain or learn from this experience, so you and I are stuck. Seeing that this is the case, it is my duty to lay down the rules that shall be governing over this whole...thing.

"Rule number one: you only have three wishes. Not four, not five, not six. You are only given three wishes. In this is a sub-rule; you cannot wish for more than three wishes. Don't even try it because as soon as you do, I go back in the Bottle and the contract is null and void.

"Rule number two: you cannot wish for me to make some bird, or bloke, I don't judge, to fall in love with you. Could I do it? Sure, but that just takes all the fun out of the act of being in love, so don't even think about it. There are loopholes to this rule, I can tell you that right now, but I will leave it up to you to figure those loopholes out.

"And finally, rule number three: you are forbidden from wishing anyone back from the dead. I don't care if it's your Great-Aunt Matilda or your pet bunny, Mr. Hopsalot, bad things have happened to those stupid enough to make such a wish and it's because of them that future genies are now forbidden from granting such wishes. Like rule one, if you violate rules two or three, you break the Genie-Master contract and I no longer remain your genie.

"Any questions?"

Draco took another sip from his glass as he contemplated what Ginny had just said.

Blaise raised a hand.

"Yes, Zabini?"

"Please, feel free to call me `Blaise'."

"Yes, Blaise?" Ginny asked.

"I hope this isn't too forward of me, but how did you become a genie? I mean, I don't know you very well, but based on how your life was before this, it just seems like becoming a genie is so out of character for you."

"I suppose it is, but that story will be revealed later on," the genie replied with a smile.

"Fair enough," Blaise conceded, standing to pour himself another glass of alcohol.

"Okay. Let me get this straight," Draco began. "I can't wish for more than three wishes. I got that. Easy enough to follow. And I can't wish to make some girl fall in love with me. Finally, I can't have you bring someone back from the dead."

"Yes, yes, and yes. I'm glad to see that you caught on so quickly. Most of my Masters have had a tough time wrapping their heads around the rules."

"They're obviously all idiots," Draco replied with an air of that familiar Malfoy superiority. "I just have one more question."

"Go ahead."

"Is there anything you can do about the," Draco motioned to Ginny's body. "outfit, for lack of a better word?"

Ginny looked down and, realizing what she was wearing, laughed. "Oh, right. Sorry about that! I tend to wear this to make my entrance only. Let me fix this."

She stood up and walked to the centre of the room. Closing her eyes, she snapped her fingers and a plume of red smoke engulfed her form. A few minutes later, the smoke cleared and she was out of her entrance garb, now wearing an emerald green and white floral print skirt with a white racer back tank top tucked into the skirt. She wore white wedged heels to tie the entire look together and she had let her hair down, soft curls resting against her shoulders.

"Better?" she asked, walking back to where the two men sat.

"Indeed," Draco muttered.

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Original Prompt that we sent you:

Briefly describe what you'd like to receive in your fic: Draco is a very dedicated businessman who doesn't have any time at all for himself. He gets pressured into buying a genie lamp by his friend, Blaise Zabini [boy]. The reason Blaise wants him to buy the lamp is because he wants Draco's life to be exciting again. Neither Draco nor Blaise expect Ginny to come out of the lamp. Draco decides to make things interesting by telling Ginny to do anything he wants, treating her like a slave until he falls for her.
The tone/mood of the fic: Light and comical, but very romantic.
An element/line of dialogue/object you would specifically like in your fic: I would love for Draco to have something from his childhood, such as a blanky or a teddy bear, which Ginny steals because it smells like him
Preferred rating of the the fic you want: Um, PG-13 or higher.
Canon or AU? Whatever is easier for you!
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