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Whisper Your Sins in My Ear by gypsybaby21

Whisper Your Sins in My Ear


So like five years later…someone asked to borrow the first chapter to continue and it got my interest going again. Not gonna guarantee consistent updates, but hopefully that'll happen. This will be mostly in Draco's point of view. Please review and tell me what you think.

I'm still contemplating whether or not I should let the person that asked take the chapters I've already written and continue it. So I haven't decided fully yet. Again let me know what you think. Enjoy!

Chapter Two:

He felt so foolish, standing out in the cold, just outside Honeydukes, a Malfoy had been reduced to spying and what was worse was whom he was spying on. Ginny Weasley had entered his life as a bet and ended up ripping through his heart, he could barely breathe with what he'd done to her; she had completely haunted him throughout the Christmas Holiday.

It was more and more everyday, what he remembered, what captured his attention, it was her delicious body, her perfectly curved legs, the freckles that spread along the bridge of her nose, the way her sexy mouth would curve to the side when she was only mildly amused about something, it was in the way she carried herself. In the day he could usually ignore his ever plaguing fantasies that could make him `arrive' in his dreams like an uneducated, in the art of seduction, school boy, but the passionate interludes his dreams were creating at night were proving to be too much. Sometimes those dreams weren't even complete, with glimpses of a dampened sweaty thigh, or the gentle curve of her freckled shoulder, her hair brushing against his chest, her face when he'd taken her virginity. These were the ones where he'd wake up wishing he'd had his `arrival', because in the day, in the light of what he unconsciously was doing he couldn't deny what his mind and body were telling him, and it was killing him.

For a time he'd deluded himself into thinking it was lust, that he'd only had her a few times that night, before that horrible fated morning, and hadn't been fully sated, that if he'd taken her only a few more times this obsession wouldn't be evident to so many around him, including himself. He was having trouble eating, paying attention to absolutely anything, Voldemort had scolded him for not focusing during a meeting, and the Dark Lord didn't even know what had happened. During a dinner Christmas party his mother had thrown, his parents had averted there attention from the happenings long enough to acknowledge the lump of nothing their son had become lodging in the corner with a glass of fire whisky. It wasn't pity he'd seen though, it had been understanding and sweet Circe had that knocked him for a loop because it seemed they both knew. Knew that he'd fallen from his high horse, knew that he loved someone.

So here he was, the day before the big return to Hogwarts, spying on the girl he loved more than he thought could be possible, watching her fiery red hair flicker like fire as she searched for what she wanted. He knew she loved sweets, its how he'd managed to catch her attention from the very start, chocolate is what they'd used for foreplay, and it was something he'd thought about giving her as a Christmas present. He'd even thought about buying an entire candy store just for her, just so she'd be with him again, so she'd be able to forgive him at least. Merlin he didn't even know if she was angry, but of course she was angry, he practically raped her innocence away with the stunt he pulled in the Hall.

Would she even be able to look at him again?

The problem was that he didn't know how angry she was. So angry that she'd refuse to talk to him, would she even look at him with those beautiful seductive brown eyes? Merlin he needed her, she was like his chocolate or perhaps his personal sweet hell, she was addictive, he'd had a small taste and he required more, it was as simple as that.

"Draco, what are you doing in the cold?"

He jolted out of his glazed gaze then turned to see a bundled up Pansy, her lips were glistening with gloss, but trembling, her black leather gloves forming firsts, and it appeared as if she were trying to fight off the cold as much as possible. What a hopeless task.


She frowned and then walked towards him, positioning her body directly behind him at the angle he was at, obviously trying to catch a glimpse of what he was so desperately staring at.

"I never noticed how pretty she really is," was all Pansy said, clearly landing her eyes on his target.

His heart physically hurt at those simple words and he found himself wondering what in the wizarding world he was going to do to get her back.

"Oh Draco," the sympathy in Pansy's voice made bile rise in his throat, she knew, she knew what would happen, Pansy was a girl. She had to have known and she let him do it anyway, why in the bloody hell hadn't she stopped him?!

"You knew."

She took a step closer to him, her front nearly touching his back, "I didn't know that it would specifically be her, but I knew it was possible for all of your conquests really. Originally I didn't even know it was a bet. You may have had feelings for her before you started because Draco, it was as if you were made for each other. I cried myself to sleep. Did you know? I knew that you made bets with Blaise, but I also knew one day you and Blaise would come to regret your choices and how you deal with being…well a death eater," she whispered the last part so softly that had she not been practically on top of him he wouldn't have heard it.

"How is what we do different from what you do?" Draco demanded harshly, trying desperately to keep his voice level as his eyes followed Ginny's movements, as he watched her eyes light up at the free samples the blond kid behind the counter gave her.

"I don't set out to destroy them, I just have sex and it's mutually beneficial for both of us, no strings attached. I don't have to worry about the guy trying to kill me in my sleep, or him getting too attached when I move on. I make my intentions clear."

"Try making your intentions clear to a sixteen year old virgin with a million brothers," he mumbled.

"Okay, so sometimes there may be a little more leg work for the guys, note I say sometimes, but no one forced you to embarrass her in front of everyone. You ruined her in front of her peers, so Draco, heed my advice, move on because she could never forgive you," she paused, and he felt the shrug the followed. "I wouldn't."

"I don't think I can move on Pansy." Sweet Circe how he wanted to. He'd tried. A week in a half of her naked on top of him in dreams was making him frustrated sure, but it was the memories he had of her when they'd been alone, when he'd been trying to get her to say yes. It was in the way she smiled, the way she cared so much about stupid things, the way she showed him she loved him with just her eyes. He hadn't known, not even an inkling that she'd loved him so thoroughly, but he knew that he'd been happy, so the extra work he'd put into the seduction he felt hadn't been a waste of time. Looking back on it now though, from a different perspective how could he have thought that it would have been anything but love. He had what he wanted from her just a little over a week ago and he just needed it back.

To Be Continued…

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