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Her Story: Chamber of Secrets by I Heart Harry

Her Story: Chamber of Secrets

I Heart Harry

Chapter Two


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Harry Potter characters. All characters are creations of Joanne K. Rowling, © 2007, to whom I am deeply indebted. I make no money from any of this. I'm just taking her world and tweaking it a bit.

Note One: A big thanks to the_scribbler for being my awesomesauce beta/editor!

Note Two: What's this, another chapter update already? Aww yeah! Thanks for the reviews everyone, they really do mean a lot to me!

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Now, onwards!


1 September, 1992

"Hermione! Hurry up, dear. We're going to be late!"

Hermione sighed dejectedly at her mother's call, looking sadly at her overflowing trunk. With all of Lockhart's required books, her trunk just wasn't able to hold the supplies needed for school and the other books she had wanted to take with her to Hogwarts. Hermione spent a few days before the first of September mulling over her books, carefully thinking of the pros and cons of not taking a selected book. She wished she was back at Hogwarts. Hermione knew she could easily enlarge her trunk with magic if she were at school.

"Minny, hurry up," Viola appeared in Hermione's doorway, her eyes slightly red from crying. She had spent most of the morning bawling over Hermione leaving for school.

"I'm trying," Hermione replied, holding up her copy of Hogwarts, A History. She had read the book so many times she supposed it wouldn't hurt to leave it at home for the year. Turning around, she held out her book to Viola. "Here, Vi. You can keep this for the year."

Viola's eyes widened dramatically and her mouth dropped. "Really, Minny?" she whispered.

Hermione nodded and found herself forced back onto her bed as Viola launched herself at her. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" she squealed, hugging her sister tightly.

"Girls," Mrs. Granger appeared in the doorway, raising an eyebrow, "we are going to be late if you don't hurry up."

"Sorry, mum," Hermione quickly untangled herself from Viola and went to her trunk. She was just barely able to close it and began to drag it out of her room. Viola put the book on Hermione's bed and went to help Hermione.

Once everything was loaded into the car, Hermione climbed into the back seat, taking one last look at her house as Mr. Granger pulled out of the driveway. The ride into London was quiet, the car filled with a sad air. Hermione sighed and rested her forehead against the glass, watching the buildings flash by. She was excited to go back to school and see her friends, but she was going to miss her family.

Hermione felt a twinge of guilt jab her as she realized she was more anxious to see her friends, her family coming in as a fleeting thought. She straightened up and reached over, grasping Viola's hand and squeezed. Viola was clearly having a hard time dealing with Hermione leaving again.

Before Hermione knew it, her father had found a parking spot and was off to find a trolley. Hermione looked up at Kings Cross Station, slowly getting out of the car as she did so. Her stomach began to knot and twist as mixed feelings coursed through her. Back in the car, she had only been excited to get back to Hogwarts. Now, faced with the situation, Hermione found she wasn't ready to leave her family just yet.

Mr. Granger returned with the trolley and proceeded to move Hermione's trunk onto it. Together with Viola, Hermione pushed the trolley across the road and into the busy station. She could see a few of the older students make their way to Platform Nine and Three Quarters as the family pushed through the crowd. They recognized her as well and gave Hermione a small smile.

"We're just on time," Mrs. Granger breathed, glancing at her wrist watch. She ushered Hermione and Viola towards the platform, glancing at it warily. "So you're sure you'll get through?"

Hermione resisted rolling her eyes. "Yes, mum," she said. "You saw me go through on Christmas."

"Things change," Mrs. Granger stated simply.

This time Hermione really did roll her eyes. After reassuring her mother one last time, she checked to make sure no one was watching and casually pushed through the barrier. Hermione felt Viola tense beside her as they passed through the bricks and emerged onto the platform.

The Hogwarts Express gleamed brilliantly red as students rushed about, saying goodbye to family and hello to their friends. Hermione immediately began to search the crowd for her own friends as her parents came up behind her.

"Let's go find you a compartment," Mr. Granger said, clearing his throat a few times. Hermione nodded and made her way to the middle of the train. Through the crowd she could see some of her fellow second years with family but there was no sign of any red headed or green eyed boys.

"Are you sure I can't come with you, Minny?" Viola asked, nearly whining.

Hermione looked to her parents, who sighed. Viola had been on good behaviour for the majority of the morning, only crying because she'd miss her sister. That looked like it was about to change.

"No, Vi," Hermione said. Viola grumbled and pouted, letting go of the trolley and returning to Mrs. Granger's side.

Hermione shook her head, deciding not to get into that discussion. She stood up on her tip-toes and saw one compartment that was empty. Together with her father, the two managed to haul her trunk up onto the train and into the overhead compartment.

Once the task was complete, Hermione turned to face Mr. Granger. He was looking around the compartment, his eyes shining brightly.

"I'll miss you, daddy!" Hermione said, hurrying over to him and giving him a large hug. He immediately wrapped his arms around her and she smiled, snuggling into his embrace. It didn't matter how much Hermione felt she had drifted apart from her family this summer, she was still going to miss them.

After a sorrowful goodbye with her family, which ended in Viola leaving in tears, Hermione sat down in her compartment and watched as people started to fill the train. Not even five minutes had passed when the compartment door slid open and an excited voice called out to her.


Hermione glanced up long enough to see a curly red head in the door before the mass of hair obstructed her vision. Shae Bevern pulled back from the hug and beamed at Hermione.

"How are you?" she asked, plopping down beside her. "How were you summer holidays?"

"I'm good, thanks," Hermione replied, grinning back at her friend. "Glad to be back to school."

Shae scrunched up her nose, making her freckles more prominent. "I could do without the school work," she said, "but seeing everyone again will be great."

Hermione and Shae had a unique friendship. The two girls were polar opposites - Hermione loved learning and could care less of how she looked while Shae thought fashion to be extremely important and the only thing she took the time to study was the latest issue of Witch Weekly. But the girls seemed to click, and when Hermione had felt ostracized during her first few months at Hogwarts last year, Shae was one of the first people to make her feel welcome.

"Did you hear Gilderoy Lockhart is our new Defense professor?" Shae asked. When Hermione nodded, she collapsed against the back of her seat and groaned. "He's so dreamy! And brave! His books were so good."

"You read a book?" Hermione asked, looking at her friend in shock. "On your own?"

"I know!" Shae laughed. "That man works miracles."

Hermione laughed and rolled her eyes, ignoring the butterflies in her stomach at the mention of their new professor.

An announcement went throughout the compartment that the train would be leaving for Hogwarts in ten minutes, making Hermione frown.

"I wonder where Harry and Ron are," she muttered, glancing out the window.

"They probably are at the end of the train," Shae said, picking at her nail. "I just got here and it's impossible to get a free compartment anywhere else. So what happened with Harry not getting any of your letters?"

Hermione nodded and then launched into the story of Harry and the house elf that kept his letters from him. Other second year Gryffindors slowly began to drop by the compartment to greet Hermione and Shae. Word seemed to spread about who was in what compartment, so Hermione knew Harry and Ron would be joining them any moment as the train began to make its way out of the station.

About an hour into the trip to Hogwarts, Hermione and Shae's compartment slid open again, revealing Fay Dunbar and Neville Longbottom. Fay and Neville were two of Hermione's closer friends (although they weren't as close to her as Harry and Ron were) and also were the first few to befriend Hermione during her first year. Fay immediately went and sat down in the seat across from Hermione while Neville hesitated for a moment before following her.

"Have you seen Harry or Ron?" Neville asked once the pleasantries were out of the way.

Hermione frowned and shook her head; no one had been able to locate the two boys either back at the station or on the train. Dread began to seep into Hermione as she wondered what kind of trouble they had gotten into this time.

"They should be here somewhere," Shae said, a slight frown creasing her forehead. "I saw the twins and Percy back at the station. And Harry was staying with them for the summer."

"I wouldn't worry too much about it," Fay said, glancing out of the window.

Hermione nodded but she just wasn't able to shake the feeling that something was wrong. After a while, Neville went off to find the Gryffindor boys while Fay stayed with the two girls. Hermione bit her lip, trying to think of where Harry and Ron could be while Fay and Shae talked about their summer holidays.

"I'm going to find Harry and Ron," Hermione said suddenly, standing up. Fay and Shae stopped their conversation and looked up at her.

"Hermione I'm sure the boys are on the train," Shae said.

"I'm still going to look for them," Hermione said stubbornly.

"We'll stay here then," Fay said, smiling.

Hermione smiled back and exited the compartment. She looked down corridor and decided to head to the back of the train first.

The students were already getting rowdy as she made her way down the corridor. Hermione felt her annoyance rising as she was constantly bumped and pushed by the other students as they raced by.

A loud explosion went off just as Hermione walked by one compartment. She squeaked and jumped; her heart racing. Loud, raucous laughter erupted from the compartment a moment later and she scowled.

Hermione stomped towards the door and slammed it open. "What is going on in here?" she demanded.

A pair of flaming red heads looked up in surprise as she waited for an answer. Between the two of them was a small shoe box with smoke wafting up from under the lid.

"Ah, Hermione," George grinned.

"As charming as ever," Fred finished, flashing a mischievous smirk. Their friend Lee Jordan cackled beside George.

Hermione rolled her eyes. She knew it was best not to ask what the Weasley twins were up to. They never gave straight answers and, judging from how badly Percy and some of the other Prefects were pranked, made whoever questioned them their next target. "Have you seen Harry and Ron?" she asked quickly.

"Of course we've seen them," Fred said, scoffing.

"We lived with them all summer," George nodded.

"I meant on the train," Hermione growled.

"Can't say we've seen them on the train," Fred said, imitating Hermione.

"But we definitely saw them at the station," George grinned.

"You two aren't going to help me, are you?" Hermione asked dully.

"Nope," the twins chorused.

Hermione rolled her eyes and turned on her heel, leaving the compartment without a word and continued on down the corridor. After twenty minutes of looking, Hermione began to worry - no one had seen Harry or Ron. With nowhere else to go, Hermione headed back to her compartment.

She was hoping Harry and Ron would be sitting there when she opened the door, but Hermione's heart sank when it was only Fay and Shae. The two girls had changed into their school robes while Hermione was gone and had a muggle card game going on.

"No luck?" Shae asked.

"None at all," Hermione sighed. She slid the door closed and locked it before going to her trunk and fishing out her own robes. "I don't know where they could be!"

"It'll be okay, Hermione," Fay said soothingly, keeping her eyes on her cards.

Hermione turned her back to them as she quickly began to change. "They couldn't have missed the train, the rest of the Weasleys are here. Do you think something happened? What if Malfoy did something to them? Locked them in a storage cupboard or -"

"Hermione," Shae said, interrupting her, "calm down. Malfoy didn't do anything to Harry or Ron."

"You don't know that," Hermione pointed out.

"Please," Shae scoffed. "Malfoy doesn't do anything by himself. He'd be too chicken to get in trouble on the first day."

Hermione rolled her eyes as she finished buttoning up her blouse and pulled her sweater over her head. She flicked her bushy hair out from under the collar and put away her clothes, grabbed her copy of Magical Me, and slammed the trunk shut. After unlocking the door, she settled into her seat and leaned against the window.

"Hermione, it'll be okay," Fay promised. "And besides, if - and I mean if, Hermione - something did happen, you know Dumbledore would be on top of it."

"I just don't like not knowing," Hermione complained, clutching her book to her chest. "The train is only so big and trouble always seems to find Harry and Ron."

Fay abandoned her game and sat down beside Hermione, peering out the window at the cloudy sky. "It'll be fine," she reiterated, giving Hermione a reassuring smile. "Trust me."


The train ride to Hogwarts was excruciatingly painful. By the time they were halfway there, all of the second year students (and a majority of the others as well) knew that Harry and Ron were nowhere to be found on the train which only added to Hermione's anxiety. Fay and Shae did their best to keep Hermione from worrying. Fay talked about an antique show her family had made her go to and all the old artifacts she saw while Shae went on about her mother's new fashion accessories (Shae's mother was a fashion designer).

The train pulled into the station and Hermione followed Fay and Shae out onto the platform. The crisp fall air had a bit of a chill to it, making Hermione shiver and pull her robe closer to her.

"Firs' years, over here!"

Hermione looked to where the massive, shadowy figure of Hagrid was standing as he beckoned all the first years.

"How do we get to the castle?" Hermione asked as Hagrid led them off down to where she knew the boats were.

"We take the carriages," Shae said, nodding to where black, horseless carriages were lined up and pushing Hermione toward one.

"How do the carriages move?" Hermione asked, staring in awe as a full carriage creaked and made its way up the winding path to where the castle was.

"Magic," Fay replied simply. "Now come on, let's get to the castle - it's cold!"

Hermione followed Fay and Shae into a carriage. Before stepping into it fully, Hermione paused to take one more look around to make sure there wasn't a chance she missed Harry and Ron. Sally-Anne walked by with her Hufflepuff friends and caught her eye, waving briefly before disappearing into a carriage of their own. Hermione sighed and sat down, the door snapping soundly behind her. There was a brief jolt and then the carriage was off up the path to Hogwarts.

Hermione couldn't stop the chill that went through her as Hogwarts came closer into view. The moon reflected off of the stone, making the entire castle look like it was glowing. Despite the fear and worry Hermione was feeling, she couldn't stop the underlying excitement at being back.

The carriage stopped right in front of the staircase leading to the large front doors. The three girls got out and hurried up the stairs and into the Entrance Hall. Hermione glanced around as they were herded into the Great Hall. Candles floated lazily above their heads as Shae led them to the middle of the Gryffindor table and sat down. The other Gryffindor second years sat down with them, all of them very quiet as it became obvious Harry and Ron were still missing.

"What do you think happened?" Seamus Finnegan asked, glancing around the Great Hall as the other students made their way to their tables.

"You're good friends with Harry and Ron," Lavender Brown said to Hermione. Hermione bristled, not missing the barely concealed envy in her voice. "Didn't they tell you what was going on?"

"No they didn't," Hermione snapped.

"Look, some of the teachers are missing," Fay said quickly and pointed to the Head Table, interrupting Lavender's comeback. "I'm sure they realized Harry and Ron weren't on the train and are on top of it."

Hermione sighed and bit her lip, glancing around the hall. The others talked amongst themselves as they waited for the Sorting to begin, but Hermione couldn't bring herself to join in. She kept running every scenario that could have happened to Harry and Ron over in her head, each one getting progressively more dangerous.

"Look at Gilderoy Lockhart," Parvati Patil sighed. Hermione couldn't help but drag her eyes up to the Head Table where the other girls were pointing at. Lockhart was talking with tiny Professor Flitwick while they waited for Professor McGonagall to return with the first years. Every now and again, Lockhart would look out into the crowd and wink at someone. That was followed by a burst of loud giggling from wherever he winked.

Hermione watched him for a moment before going back to her worrying.

A sharp, stinging sensation to her thigh made Hermione jump. She blinked and glared at Shae, "What was that for?"

"The Sorting is starting," Shae whispered.

Hermione looked up to the front of the hall and was surprised to see all the first year students trembling before the Sorting Hat. She hadn't noticed them arrive and glanced guiltily at Shae, rubbing her thigh.

"Thanks," she whispered back.

Hermione's eyes roamed over the new students as the Sorting Hat broke out into song. She immediately spotted Ginny Weasley, looking around the room with a mix of fear and determination on her face. The other students had similar expressions as they took in the Sorting Hat.

Once the hat finished its song, the entire hall applauded loudly. Hermione clapped along with everyone else, although she really had no idea what had been said. Professor McGonagall unrolled a piece of parchment and began to call names.

Hermione glanced around the room again and saw Professor Sprout sneak in through the staff door. Hermione sat up straight and stared as she quickly whispered something to Professor Dumbledore and then took her seat, looking extremely disgruntled.

"Snape's missing," Fay whispered, also looking up at the Head Table. "I wonder where he is."

"If he's looking for Harry and Ron, Gryffindor will be in trouble before the term begins!" Dean Thomas groaned. Neville paled dramatically and put his head in his hands.

"Weasley, Ginny!"

Hermione turned to the Sorting Hat as Professor McGonagall called out the youngest Weasley's name. Ginny timidly stepped up to the stool and sat down as the hat was placed on her head.

Almost instantly, the Sorting Hat called out, "Gryffindor!"

Hermione clapped loudly with the rest of her year as Ginny scrambled off the stool and to the Gryffindor table, taking a seat beside the other new students.

The rest of the Sorting went by quickly. Professor McGonagall took the stool and Sorting Hat after she was finished and handed it to Filch as Professor Dumbledore stood up. He clapped a couple times to gain the attention of the students.

"Welcome back to another year at Hogwarts!" he greeted, smiling widely. "Before we begin our feast, I'd just like to say a few quick reminders.

"First of all, to remind all of you that the Forbidden Forest is off limits to all students. There are many things that go bump in the night and you'll find most of them in our forest."

Hermione and Neville shared an uneasy look. They had been sent into the Forbidden Forest as detention last year and it was one of the most terrifying experiences Hermione had ever had.

"Second," Professor Dumbledore continued, "to remind you that the Whomping Willow on the grounds is extremely dangerous. As it is not able to tell friend from foe, it will attack anything and everything that comes near it."

Hermione frowned and looked at the others, who were also looking at the Headmaster in confusion. He didn't elaborate on it anymore and went onto the next subject.

"And lastly, I'd like to introduce our new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, Gilderoy Lockhart."

Hermione clapped loudly along with Shae, Parvati, and Lavender as Lockhart stood up. He gave a royal wave and bowed deeply as he received cheers from the female population. Seamus and Dean groaned loudly as Lockhart gave another bow and eventually sat down. Professor Dumbledore waited until the applause died down before telling everyone to tuck in and clapped his hands.

Platters of delicious looking chicken, vegetables, and puddings appeared on the tables, filling the air with a mouth-watering aroma. For a moment, everyone was silent as they filled their plates.

Hermione couldn't resist the temptation of the food. She hadn't eaten anything on the train, being too worried about Harry and Ron, so she piled her plate full of chicken, mashed potatoes, and anything else that was near her.

"You're going to eat all that?" Lavender asked, glancing at the food on Hermione's plate.

"Yes," Hermione said slowly, "why?"

"Oh nothing," Lavender said airily.

Hermione glared at Lavender, not sure about what the blonde was getting at. The moment was interrupted by Snape walking briskly through the Great Hall and towards the Head Table. Hermione watched as he said something to Professor McGonagall and Professor Dumbledore. Professor McGonagall stood up and followed Professor Snape out of the Great Hall.

"Do you think Harry and Ron have been found?" Shae asked.

"I think so," Fay said. "And Snape looked way too happy."

"Of course he would be happy," Seamus scoffed. "Harry and Ron are probably in trouble."

Hermione rolled her eyes but agreed with Seamus. She felt a little more relaxed after seeing the exchange. If Harry and Ron were hurt in any way, Professor McGonagall wouldn't have looked as calm as she did.

About five minutes later, Professor Dumbledore stood up and walked out of the Great Hall.

"That doesn't look good," Neville said softly.

Hermione ate quickly, glancing at the doors to the Great Hall periodically. She wanted to ask Professor McGonagall or Professor Dumbledore what happened with Harry and Ron, but they were taking a long time.

Eventually Professor Dumbledore and Snape came walking back into the Great Hall, a big scowl on Snape's face. Hermione watched as the two men passed by her. She wanted to ask them what happened but she was still a little wary of Snape. After Hermione's freak out last year, she wasn't sure how to act around the Potions master.

A few minutes later Professor McGonagall came striding back into the hall.

"Professor!" Hermione called out as she walked by.

Professor McGonagall stopped and turned to look at Hermione. The other Gryffindors stilled as they watched. "Yes, Miss Granger?" Professor McGonagall asked.

"Harry and Ron," she began, "are they-?"

"Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasley will be in the common room later tonight," Professor McGonagall said, her lips thinning.

"Why weren't they on the train?" Hermione asked, her eyes widening.

"You can talk to them tonight," Professor McGonagall said sternly and then turned on her heel back to the Head Table.

The entire Gryffindor table burst into whispers immediately after. Hermione felt relief spread over her - Harry and Ron were safe.

Hermione quickly finished her meal and stood up, ignoring the questioning looks she received. Muttering that she'd see the others later, Hermione quickly left the Great Hall. She wanted to try and find Harry and Ron as soon as possible to find out what happened.

Her first thought was to go to Professor McGonagall's office. Hermione quickly hurried up the stairs to where she knew the office was.


Hermione was halfway up the staircase when the voice called out to her. She paused and turned around to see Sally-Anne running up the stairs after her.

"What is it?" Hermione asked, reluctantly turning around to face her friend. She felt slightly annoyed; she just wanted to find Harry and Ron.

"Did you hear?" Sally-Anne gasped, coming to a halt in front of her. "Someone said they saw Harry and Ron crash a car into that Whomping Willow Professor Dumbledore was talking about!"

"What?" Hermione gasped, feeling her jaw drop. "A car? How on earth did a car get to Hogwarts? How did you find out?"

"Justin heard it from a fourth year," Sally-Anne said. "And I don't know! I'm just telling you what we've been hearing."

"Do you know where they are now?" Hermione asked impatiently.

"No, sorry," Sally-Anne shook her head.

Hermione sighed. "I'm going to go find them," she said. "I'll see you tomorrow?"

"But the feast hasn't ended yet," Sally-Anne sputtered, grabbing Hermione's arm to stop her as she tried to continue up the stairs. "We haven't been dismissed!"

Hermione raised an eyebrow, "We're out of the feast right now."

"Well, we should get back," Sally-Anne said, going red.

Just at that moment students emerged from the Great Hall. Prefects led the first years to their common rooms but the air was abuzz with rumors about Harry and Ron. Hermione said a quick goodbye to Sally-Anne and turned around, continuing her trek to Professor McGonagall's office. Sally-Anne went to follow but was grabbed by the elbow by a Hufflepuff Prefect.

"Come on, Sally-Anne," she said in a no nonsense tone. "It's time for bed - lessons first thing tomorrow."

Hermione shot an apologetic look at Sally-Anne and hurried up the stairs. She arrived at Professor McGonagall's office a moment later, slightly breathless. She knocked on the door and stood back, looking around as some of the straggling students slowly made their way to their respective common rooms.

There was no response and Hermione rapped on the door again. She heard nothing from inside huffed, realizing the boys weren't where she thought they would be. Knowing she would get in trouble if she stayed in the corridors for too long, Hermione had no choice but to head back to the Gryffindor common room.

As Hermione climbed the stairs to the seventh floor, her heart leapt into her throat as she saw two familiar faces lingering by the portrait of the Fat Lady. She broke out into a sprint down the corridor, calling their names.

"Harry! Ron!"

The two boys turned to her as she skidded to halt in front of them. Both boys looked exhausted and dirty. Hermione's eyes bulged when she saw the bruise forming on Harry's forehead and the gash above Ron's eyebrow.

"What happened to you two?" she demanded. "People have been saying you crashed a car into a tree."

"What? How'd they find that out?" Ron asked.

"You mean it's true?" Hermione cried. Harry nodded sheepishly. "How? Why weren't you two on the train?"

"We couldn't get through the barrier," Harry explained. "So… we flew the car."

Hermione felt speechless. She opened and closed her mouth, trying to come up with something to say about them being unable to get through to Platform Nine and Three-Quarters and flying a car. After realizing she couldn't even properly process what Harry had told her, Hermione settled for a strangled, "What?"

"We tried getting through the barrier," Ron said, "but we couldn't. It was blocked and we just crashed into it."

"So we went to wait out by the car and then realized we could take the car and fly it to Hogwarts," Harry added. "We've used the car when Ron and the twins rescued me from the Dursleys."

Hermione stared at the two of them, not understanding how the next logical step from not being able to pass through the barrier would be to fly a car for over six hours. "Do you realize how dangerous that was?" she demanded, glaring. "How absolutely stupid? I was so worried about you! Flying a car that long? What if you were seen? What if you crashed? Oh, I'm sorry you did!"

Ron flushed angrily and glared back at Hermione. "What other choice did we have?"

"You could've waited for your parents?" Hermione suggested, rolling her eyes. "Honestly! The two of you never ask for help and always try and do things on your own."

Whatever retort Ron or Harry had was cut short as the portrait opened up and Percy walked out. "Go to bed!" he snarled, looking over his shoulder. "This sort of thing does not deserve encouragement!"

Ron's expression soured once he realized Percy had been leaving to go and find them. Hermione sighed and brushed past them and into the common room. Nearly everyone was packed into the circular room, no doubt waiting for Harry and Ron to return. As soon as they were seen, the common room burst into applause.

"Where did you go?" Fay asked, pushing people aside to get to Hermione.

Hermione looked back to see Harry and Ron grinning sheepishly as the made their way into the common room. Percy looked beside himself with fury as he followed after them. The two noticed a lecture coming on and said a quick good night, heading up the stairs before Percy could catch them again.

"So it's true then?" Fay asked.

"It's true," Hermione sighed. "How could they be so stupid? What was going on in their minds that made them think flying a car was a good idea?"

"They're boys, it's their job to be stupid" Shae said simply, rolling her eyes. "Come on; let's head to bed before Percy starts in on us."

Hermione nodded and followed the girls up the spiral staircase to their dormitory. Their trunks had been placed by their beds and the girls silently began to get ready to turn in for the night. Although Hermione could not believe Harry and Ron's stupidity, she felt extremely relieved that they were alright and all the worry and anxiety she felt throughout the day gave way to exhaustion.


Hermione awoke early the next morning to the sound of the bathroom door snapping shut. Groggily, she sat up and looked around the dormitory, confused for a moment. Once she remembered she was back at Hogwarts, a large grin split Hermione's face as she stretched.

The bathroom door opened and Fay stepped out, smiling at Hermione when she saw she was awake. Hermione grinned back and quickly grabbed her things to go through her morning ritual. She finished just as Parvati was slowly beginning to wake up and together with Fay, the two Gryffindor girls left for the Great Hall.

"It doesn't look like we've lost any points," Fay pointed out as they walked past the large hourglasses that kept track of all the House Points.

"That's good, at least," Hermione said. She led Fay into the Great Hall and to their table. "I'm sure they received detention though, you can't pull a stunt like that and get away with it."

Hermione saw Fay roll her eyes but chose to ignore it, filling her plate with bacon, sausage, and eggs. Fay had never been shy about showing how she felt when Hermione went off on a rant.

The two girls ate breakfast together in comfortable silence. After Hermione finished, she pulled Voyages with Vampires out of her bag and propped it up against her goblet of pumpkin juice. Shae came down moments later and struck up a conversation with Fay.

"Good morning."

Hermione looked up to see Harry and Ron sit down at the table. She gave a small `morning' back and continued reading.

"So what's your punishment?" Shae asked eagerly. Hermione glanced up to listen.

"We both have detention," Ron said sullenly. "And we had letters sent home."

"We could've been expelled though," Harry pointed out through a mouthful of eggs. He swallowed and took a gulp of his juice. "We were really lucky."

Hermione nodded but decided against voicing her opinion. She bookmarked her page and was just putting it back into her bag as a familiar grey owl slammed into a platter, sending sausages and feathers everywhere.

"Oh no," Ron moaned, paling instantly.

"It's okay Ron," Hermione said, gingerly poking Errol with her finger. She felt him flinch in response. "He's still alive."

"I'm not worried about the stupid owl," Ron hissed, now deathly white. "Look."

He was pointing to a red envelope. Hermione and Harry looked at each other in confusion. To Hermione it just looked like a normal letter but the way Ron, Fay, Shae, and Neville stiffened and stared at it like it was about to explode made her think otherwise.

"Just get it over with," Neville said shakily. "If you leave the Howler it'll just be worse."

"A Howler?" Harry asked but everyone ignored him.

"Just open it Ron," Shae said seriously. It was the most serious Hermione had ever seen her friend. "It'll all be over in a minute or two."

By now the envelope was beginning to smoke at the corners. Hermione felt herself leaning back as Ron shakily took the envelope out of Errol's beak. Neville smashed his fingers into his ears and Shae covered her eyes as he slit it open.

The noise that came from the envelope startled Hermione so much she nearly toppled off of the bench. She reached out and grasped Harry's shoulder for support as Mrs. Weasley's voice, now at least ten times louder and shriller, echoed throughout the Great Hall.


Hermione stared with wide eyes and Ron and Harry both turned a brilliant shade of red. Everyone in the Great Hall turned to see who received the Howler, some people even standing on their seat to get a better look.


The envelope burst into flames afterwards and a ringing silence fell through the hall. A few people began to laugh and eventually the Great Hall went back to normal. Both Harry and Ron were sitting in silence, red faced, and guilty.

Hermione opened her mouth to speak but was kicked in the shin by Fay.

"Don't you dare say we deserved that," Ron snarled, pushing away his plate.

Professor McGonagall chose that time to walk by their group and hand out their timetables. Hermione grabbed hers quickly and scanned it.

`Granger, Hermione. Gryffindor

Second Year Schedule


9:00 - 10:30: Double Herbology (Hufflepuff)

10:45 - 11:30: Transfiguration

11:30 - 12:45: Lunch Break

1:00 - 1:45: Defense Against the Dark Arts

2:00 -2:45: Sexual Education


9:00 - 10:30: Double Herbology (Hufflepuff)

10:45 - 11:30: Transfiguration

11:30 - 12:45: Lunch Break

1:00 - 1:45: Defense Against the Dark Arts

Free afternoons

12:00am-1:30am: Astronomy


10:45-11:30: Charms

11:30 - 12:45: Lunch Break

1:00 - 2:30: Double Potions (Slytherin)

2:30 - 3:30: Break

3:45-4:30: History of Magic


10:45-11:30: Charms

11:30 - 12:45: Lunch Break

1:00 - 2:30: Double Potions (Slytherin)

2:30 - 3:30: Break

3:45-4:30: History of Magic


9:00-10:00: Charms

10:15-11:15: Transfiguration

11:15-12:45: Lunch Break

1:00-2:00: Defense Against the Dark Arts

Free afternoons'

Hermione felt her face heat up as she stared at the Sexual Education lesson. She could tell the others were embarrassed as well, blushes slowly starting to creep up their cheeks. Neville went a bright red that challenged Ron and he quickly put his timetable down.

"Well," Fay said, clearing her throat, "we know why we had to get that Willy's Wand book."

"At least we have until next week for the lesson to start," Shae pointed out.

"What?" Ron moaned. "No fair, our Se - Se - that is on Friday!"

"Well look what we have here, George," Fred said, striding up to Ron and grabbing his timetable. Ron made an attempt to grab it but was pulled back by George. "It's the second year timetable."

"Right you are, Fred," George said, grinning mischievously. He sniffed dramatically and pretended to wipe a tear away. "Our ickle Ronnikins is growing up and learning about sex."

"Shut up!" Ron shouted, going bright red.

"It's nothing to be ashamed of," Fred laughed.

"It's a part of growing up," George nodded.

"The acne."

"The voice cracking."

"The dreams."

"Dreams?" Neville asked, looking as if he was already regretting asking that question.

"Yes, dreams," Fred said, smirking. "You'll know when you'll have them - it's really hard to miss." George burst out laughing.

"Get out of here!" Ron snarled, snatching his timetable back and pushing his brothers away. They made their way to where Lee Jordan was sitting, still cackling to themselves.

Hermione groaned, shaking her head as she got up from the table. They had Herbology first thing so they had a bit of a walk to get there. One thing was for sure, Hermione's second year was already shaping up to be a unique one.


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