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The Many Loves Of Ginny by nmffnurse

The Many Loves Of Ginny


A long shower. Draco couldn't wait to soothe his aching muscles. Practice had been extremely hard, for him as well as for his fellow teammates. As the new Slytherin team captain he had them in the air for at least 3 hours. His teammates had called him an assortment of names. "Bloody Git" being the nicest. They would win this year. This he assured himself. Already he envisioned it. He'd even mail the winning snitch to his father in Azkaban.

Walking into the common room after his much needed shower, he turned around quickly at noises coming from the corner. Sounds of lovers talking. Sounds of snogging and heavy petting. This particular sofa hidden in the shadows of the Slytherin common room was known as, literally, "the loveseat." Much snogging had taken place on that particular piece of furniture.

He didn't want to be nosy. He really couldn't care less. It's not like he had never snogged on that sofa before.

With Pansy. The thought didn't exactly thrill him. It was good practice for the real thing. Draco Malfoy would never admit that his experience with the ladies was rather lacking. Perfection is what he wanted, and he didn't want to hear whispers that Draco Malfoy was a bad kisser, or a bad lover. That is if it ever came to that. Not for the lack of interest, he was sure. Many girls had expressed interest. But he would not make a fool of himself. He still felt ill thinking all the times he fell off his broom during Quidditch, always playing Potter. Dammit, he hated that scarhead. No, he definitely didn't want to be the butt of jokes in the love department.

"Oh, stop it Blaise, I mean it!" came the voice of a giggling girl.

Lucky devil, Draco thought. Blaise who so wanted to be like Draco. Draco who made Blaise believe he was much more experienced than he really was.More sounds of snogging. The laughter was getting to him. Making him jealous.

Who was that?

Draco casually walked over to the couch letting the light of the common room reveal Blaise's new girlfriend of the week.Blaise was obscuring his face which was obviously on hers.

"Ahem," Draco said, "No PDA in the common room!"

"Can't you see I'm busy!" Blasie gave Draco a sly grin.

What Draco saw almost caused his heart to fail. A very kissed Ginny Weasley, puffy lips, hair in disarray. That girl who bat bogey hexed him. A Weasley. A Gryffindor. "I want that slutty Gryffindor out of here now!" Draco's normally pale face became red as he looked at the now smirking Ginny.

Why that little...!

Blaise stood up standing head to head with the Slytherin prefect, "Watch your tone of voice with my girlfriend."

Draco's mouth dropped open. For the first time he was speechless.

A smack resounded in the air. The other Slytherin's looked in awe, noticing the redhead in their midst. "HOW DARE YOU!" Ginny's eyes conveyed the fury within her. She muttered a goodbye to Blasie and stepped out of the Slytherin common room.

Draco brought his hand to his cheek still feeling the sting.

"You right deserved that" Blaise stated.

Draco gritted his teeth. Now that his father was in prison Blasie had taken to talking back to him. Just a year ago Blaise would've jumped off the Astronomy Tower if Draco had ordered him. How much things had changed. "I don't want to hear your opinion. I know you Blaise. A Slytherin through and through even if you are consorting with mudblood lovers."

"Who's the one getting a good shag and who's the one wanking off in the bathroom ?" Blaise laughed.

"You'd want Potter's seconds?, Tsk, Tsk, Unlike you, I choose not to slum." Draco threw at him. He thought better of himself. There was no way he would taint himself with low class wizards.

Blaise continued, "She's bloody beautiful Draco. Ginny's not Weasley's little sister anymore."

"Pathetic" Draco remarked before walking to his room to wank off. Truly and utterly pathetic.