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Some Days Should Come With Their Own Warning Label by lillyfan16

Some Days Should Come With Their Own Warning Label


Hi everyone-was thinking about this one the other day, and after posting a chapter for Calm Before the Storm, I figured I'd write this up real quick. I started the story with no real storyline in mind, which is why I haven't done anything with it. I had another idea, and figured I'd just incorporate it with this one. SOOOO here it is-short and face-paced, which is how I imagine all the chapters will be for this one. ENJOY! Please review!


You know those times when things completely catch you off guard? Those moments where you life just stops for a split second, and you have no idea how to react? Those instances where your only thoughts are simple:


I have had a lot of those in my life. When was I was told I was a wizard. When I found out Sirius Black was innocent. When my name was called from the Goblet of Fire. When Voldemort rose from a cauldron before my eyes. When my godfather fell behind a veil. Just to name a few.

The lastest?

When Hermione Granger-my best mate for seven years-told me she was in love with me.

What was that about? She couldn't be in love with me-she couldn't be in love with anyone. She was eighteen and has had no experience in the matter-how could she even begin to fathom what romantic love was?

I didn't know what love was, not that sort of love anyway. I love Hermione, don't get me wrong. I love her probably more than I love anyone, but not that sort of love. I love her in a way where I want what's best for her, I want her happy, I want her protected and sheltered from the cruel world because she is better than us all, deserves more than we do.

I think about this as I slowly trudge back to the castle. When I get to the Common Room, her head of bushy hair is missing. Probably in her dormitory, pissed off with me. I don't feel like chatting with anyone, so I head up to my dorm as well. Her speech about how she used to think she wasn't good enough for me is still ringing in my ears. Every word she spoke was true. Between the pair of us, it was definitely me that would come up short in that aspect. She's…too good for anyone really. I feel terrible that she would even doubt that for a second.

Replaying it in my mind, I wish I would have told her that. I wish I would have told her that I still loved her dearly. I still cared about her. That I put her above anyone else, up on her own pedestal, untouchable, unreachable. Out of my league, and everyone else's.

But I mucked that up real nice. I was stupid, and a real prat about it all. I already miss her. I have a feeling that things are going to be awkward, and already, I long for things to be the way they were two hours ago even.

Ron comes into the room, looking confused. "Hey mate, you know what's up with Hermione? Last I saw she was with you. She came up here, all upset and bothered. Asked about Potions homework-told me to shove it up my arse and do it myself." My best mate says, slightly alarmed. "Like I had the nerve to ask! But then I realized she must be upset because she looked like she was about to cry, so I asked if she was okay…said something about someone being a stupid prat. Well, obviously I thought of myself first, but I don't think I've done anything so…I dunno mate."

He was going to find out sooner or later, so I may as well tell him now. I sigh. "I think I've ruined our friendship."

Ron scoffed. "Right, mate. She'll forgive you for anything-loves the hell out of you. What could you have done that was so horrible?"

Ron's choice of words causes me to grimace. "That's the problem-she loves the hell out of me, but…I don't fancy her, so now…I think she hates me."

This threw him for a loop. "Wait, she told you fancied you!?" He asked incredulously.

"Well, more that she was in love with me." I reply meekly.

His eyes go wide and his runs a hand through his red hair and lets out a puff of air as he drops to his bed. "Wow, mate, that's heavy. And you don't feel the same way?" Ron asked, looking bemused.

"Of course I don't. She's…well, she's Hermione. She's too good for me to even consider that, prat!" I reply, chucking a chocolate frog in his direction.

Ron nods in agreement. "Yeah, I see your point there, mate. I think she's bloody mental, but I mean, overall…she's a great girl-any bloke would be lucky to have her."

I nod as I bite into my own chocolate frog. "It's rotten luck that I had to be the one to break her heart. She's my best friend-I'm supposed to protect her. How am I supposed to kick my own arse for breaking her heart?" I ask, slightly amused at the thought.

"I could, you know, if you want me to." Ron says helpfully, a gleam in his blue eyes.

I give him a warning look that causes the grin to slide from his face.

"Maybe make her fall in love with someone else?" He suggests, his mouth full of sweets.

"Don't be daft, Ron. I'm not Cupid." I said, irritated at the thought. Didn't he just hear me say no one was good enough for Hermione?

"So tomorrow is probably going to be-"

"Bleeding awkward as fuck, I imagine." I finish for him, confirming his thoughts.

"What are you going to do?" He asks, and I shrug in response. "Well, hopefully it blows over pretty quick, with Hogsmeade this weekend and all. Let's not ruin that." He replies.

I nod in agreement. "Yeah, if it hasn't though…I mean, I'll stay behind. It's my fault." I tell him.

"No, you can't stay back! We won't be going for another…I don't know, but like two or three bloody months!" Ron complains.

"I know. I don't want to, but what option do I have?" I ask. "I doubt it will even come to that. Let's just see how tomorrow goes, shall we?" I try to keep my outlook positive, but I know it's going to be uncomfortable.

* * *

You know when you dread something, time seems to speed up? And you keep telling yourself that it won't be as bad as you think? That you're overreacting?

Then that thought goes out the window because once it's here, you realize it was worse than you feared even. You weren't worried enough, you bleeding idiot!

That's how today has gone. I woke up extra early and snagged breakfast before Hermione woke up. I thought it was a good idea. I ducked out in the Common Room until I absolutely had to go to my first class. I was ten minutes late, and now I have detention with Snape for a week. Fuck.

Ron graciously took my spot in the middle of the table, and I don't think Hermione looked my way once. We were allowed to have partners-which almost never happens. I swear Snape saw that Ron was sitting beside Hermione and planned it. He paired me with Hermione. Fuck number two.

She played it cool-I was a hot mess. I couldn't speak. I cut my finger trying to cut up the flobberworm, and wasn't aware that I had that much blood in my body. Snape deducted ten points from Gryffindor on the grounds of me bleeding too much, and it annoyed him. Fuck number three.

She did most of the potion, and by the end of it, had called me a wanker, prat, and idiot-all names she reserved for Ron. She never calls me those. She muttered them under her breath, but loud enough for me to hear. I have to admit, I deserved it with how I was acting. We had to cork our potions separately in vials for our marks, and I dropped mine, earning another ten points taken away for seeking attention and disrupting class again. I wasn't about to ask Hermione if she could put my name on hers-not that Snape would even accept that-thus effectively earning myself a zero for the day when my potion was no doubt flawless. Fuck number four.

And that was just in Potions.

By the end of the day, I had counted over twenty-five. I turned in early, without doing my homework, just to escape the day.

But today is a brand new day. I'm up early again. I go to breakfast early. End up in the Common Room, rushing through my homework. Hermione walks by, tells me good morning-like she's unaffected by the whole thing-and leaves me be.

And that was my routine for the rest of the week. By Friday, I wanted to escape to Hogsmeade for a day, but that didn't look like it was going to happen.

Then Ron walks up to me with some news.

"It's fine-not going to be awkward tomorrow at all-Hermione just informed me that she's going to Hogsmeade tomorrow with Justin Finch-Fletchley. You're in the clear mate!" He said cheerfully with a large grin.

Hearing his words, my world stops for a second.


Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think! PLEASE REVIEW!


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