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  1. The Rocky Road by MissieMalfoy19

    A week's working holiday soon turns into something different and exciting for Ginny Weasley when she is drawn to a certain grey eyed blonde. But can she really be happy when secrets are uncovered and lies have to be told? D/G, H/Hr, ignoring the epilogue, of course! Please R&R :) Thanks

    This story has missing or damaged chapters. If you have a link to this story on another site or a saved copy please contact or /u/pk-archive on Reddit.

  2. What A Night by MissieMalfoy19

    Ginny is so lonely after her breakup with Harry Potter, the boy-who-lived. How will a mystery invitation to the biggest society ball of the year change her life? Join Ginny in her search to find her true love, despite all the bumps along the way. R&R!!!!