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25 days of christmas by ayumi-nb

25 days of christmas


Well, here the second instalment of this little christamsy oneshot collection! I want to finish this little piece before tackling my other fics. As there's a maximum in length I think I'll be able to do it rather quickly.



Title: "hot liquid dilemma"

Rating: PG-13

Words: 859

Theme/Prompt: #02 - hot chocolate

Warnings/AN: during ootp, mild au

Summary: In which Hermione ponders and comes to some realizations. And there's also hot chocolate.

Disclaimer: The Usual.


"What do you mean, you don't like hot chocolate?!"

Hermione sighed, thinking back to a far ago day in First Year when Ron had exclaimed something similar but about chocolate frogs. Not even bothering to look up from her book, she replied. "Exactly that, Ronald. I don't like hot chocolate."

Apparently, the Wizarding World had more in common with the Muggle World than they were willing to admit, as they, too, liked to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate during winter, especially over Christmas. Unfortunately, not even in this world Hermione liked the sweet beverage, but being the daughter of Dentists, she supposed it wasn't much of a shock.

Ronald, of course, wasn't aware of such information.

"I don't believe you. I can't! Everyone likes hot chocolate!"

Hermione, calmly as you please, turned the page of her book. "I'm not asking you to believe me, Ronald. I was merely stating a fact."

Out of the corner of her eye, she caught Harry watching her with a speculating look on his face before returning his focus on the chess match he was once again losing. She turned back to her book, but couldn't hold her concentration for long as an unyielding desire to look up made its way through her body. Eventually, she relented, and soon caught herself staring intently at her green-eyed friend.

It was a practice she'd been performing frequently as of late: Harry-watching, as she called it. It had begun at the end of Fourth Year, shortly before the Third Task, and had been escalating steadily over this past term. At first, Hermione didn't realize she was doing it until she became aware of one little detail in her recent interactions with Harry: it seemed now as if she could read him like an open book, and in return, he could guess what she wanted to say most of the time without having to talk.

It was amazing, thrilling and… intimate, this connection with Harry. They were capable of holding short conversations with mere looks and a few gestures that would leave most of their classmates giving them curious glances. And it was fun, knowing she could communicate with him in a way no one else could.

Thinking back to all those time when she was able to pick up on his sour mood, Hermione deemed this day truly special. Not only because it was Christmas Eve, but because it was the first day since acquiring her `talent' that Harry seemed to be truly, really happy.

So, forgetting all about her book, Hermione contented herself with watching every single move of one Harry Potter.

He looked positively happy, though somewhat frustrated to be losing so thoroughly to Ron again. Watching as another of his pieces was destroyed; Harry reached next to him and lifted his mug of hot chocolate to his lips, taking a sip before gulping down a good portion of the sweet liquid. After taking another gulp, Harry licked his lips; unconsciously, Hermione did the same.

"Ha! I knew it! You were lying!"

Startled out of her thoughts, Hermione turned to Ron. "What?" As soon as the words left her lips she cursed herself for her ineloquence.

Ron grinned smugly at her. "You do like hot chocolate. You were just staring at Harry drinking his with this longing look on you face! Come on, Hermione, admit it!"

She felt her face go warm, but refused to admit she was actually blushing. Casting a quick glance at Harry, before hiding behind her book, she saw him giving her another speculative look. "I will admit no such thing."

Ron laughed good-naturedly and left the room, probably in search of more hot chocolate.

Hermione tried to ignore his echoing merriness and hid behind her book again, but the words didn't quite seem right to her. Suddenly, the couch dipped next to her bended knees and she looked up to see Harry sitting close to her, very close to her regardless of there being enough room for him to sit comfortably. He was giving her an intense look, not touching her anywhere but she could feel his warmth sipping into her side and moving to envelop her.

Her face grew warmer.

With careful deliberation, Harry took a long sip from his mug, clearly savouring the taste before speaking. "So, you really don't like hot chocolate?"

Watching his lips move with an unhealthy fascination, she managed to nod and respond coherently. "My parents are dentist, Harry, that's why I don't like any kind of sweets."

He swallowed the remains of his hot chocolate, humming softly as his eyes travelled over her face, as if searching for something. Seconds later, he seemed to find it. "Well then, let's see."

In the blink of an eye, Harry was inches from her face and closing in. She barely had time to realize what was going to happen when Harry gripped of the back of her neck firmly, pressing his warm lips to hers-and her brain ceased to function, but not before acknowledging a stray, lone thought.

It was Christmas' Eve and, at last, Hermione Granger was enjoying the sweetness of hot chocolate.



Only 23 more to go.

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