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25 days of christmas by ayumi-nb

25 days of christmas


Two stories, because. XD Hope you like them!

This is, as you'll see an AU. In which James and Lily never died, Harry has twin brothers. Sirius is there and Remus and, of course, Hermione.




Title: "impressions"

Rating: PG

Words: 863

Theme/Prompt: #08 - tinsel

Warnings/AN: au

Summary: "Ribbon not enough for you, Potter?"

Disclaimer: The Usual.


"Would you stop that?"

His scathing tone only made his brothers laugh harder.

"Can you at least help me?"

Again, his request went unanswered as the only thing that greeted his ears was more laugher. Only now, those laughing included his own Father, his Godfather, and his Uncle.

Harry growled in frustration, his movement restricted to squirming on the ground. He squirmed some more, trying to reach his wand, and when that failed, tried some wandless magic; it all failed. He could not think how the hell he went from decorating the Christmas tree to lying on the floor tied-wait, wrapped up in tinsel.

The giggling baby next to him, though, answered his question.

Harry Potter, age twenty-one, the best Auror the Ministry had had since Alastor bloody Moody, was bested by a bout of accidental magic from his daughter.

His baby daughter.

"I have to admit, son, your efforts are worthy of praise, but it seems you cannot beat the prowess of the Potter Ladies." His Father gave him an unrepentant grin as he picked the giggling baby girl up from the floor.

Harry glared at him. "Shut up, and tell her to release me, Dad. Hermione will be here soon, and I promised to have the tree all decorated by then!"

Sirius' grin was as unrepentant as his Father's then. "Aw, but why? You look cute like that, Harry, I'm sure Hermione will like it!" Then, he turned to the baby and proceeded to speak in what he considered cute baby-talk. "Right, sweetie? Doesn't your silly Daddy look cute like that? Yes, he does. You don't have to release him. No, you don't. No, you don't."

Harry kept on glaring. "You sound ridiculous, Padfoot."

"While I'm inclined to agree with Harry, in that you do sound ridiculous talking like that, Sirius," said Remus, ignoring Sirius' glare; he then turned to the fallen Marauder. "You have to admit, Harry, that this is incredibly funny. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, the last time something like this happened, it was you who pranked us unintentionally."

"Oh, right!" His Father laughed at that, bouncing his granddaughter on his knee. "Yeah, you left us glued to the ceiling a whole afternoon! Lily was the only one who managed to convince you to let us down, it almost seemed like you didn't want to."

"Well, Sirius had decided he needed to be scare to see how strong his reaction would be. You agreed to go along and I was just an innocent bystander."

Sirius frowned at Remus, and obviously tried to remain stern but couldn't, and ended up grinning again. "Innocent bystander, my ass. You both put the blame on me! I don't think Lily ever forgave me for that."

"Oh, she did. Otherwise you wouldn't be allowed to be here."

Harry sighed, letting his head drop back. "As lovely as it is to listen stories about my childhood, can we please focus on the matter at hand?"

One of his brother, Harry couldn't tell which (and, really, now he could actually understand Ron's complains about his own twin brothers, and actually suspected that they've been taking classes from the red-haired pranksters), kneeled next to him and poked him on the forehead. "It's your fault, Harry."

The other one, either Jacob or Linus, copied his twin, and poked Harry on the forehead as well. "Yeah, we told you not to take away her glass-globe."

"She was putting it in her mouth, what was I-hey! Dad, stop her!"

As if on cue, his baby girl had levitated the aforementioned glass-globe back to into hands and proceeded to munch on it. But, much to his chagrin, none of the other (questionable) responsible adults did anything to stop her. His brothers simply smirked down at him before going over to the little girl, both making funny faces to make her laugh.

"Aw, come on! Don't let her-Rose, don't do that, sweetie." Harry squirmed some more on the floor, already dreading the moment Hermione were to walk through the door into this scene. "Rosie, don't put that in your mouth! Listen to Daddy, please, sweetie, don't put that in your mouth."

The little one tilted her head to the side, her bright green eyes never leaving her Daddy, and kept slobbering over her pretty and shiny round toy.

"You know, Harry, I know you said you had a big present for me that you were going to give me in private, but, I never thought that present was going to be you."

Hermione, of course, chose that moment to return from her shopping with the ladies.

Resigned to the worst, Harry craned his neck to look at the entryway, to find his lovely wife of three years standing there, flanked by both, his mother and her mother. By the twitch of her mouth, he knew she was either trying to control her anger or laugher.

The grin that followed suggested it was her laugher. "Tinsel? Ribbon not enough for you, Potter?"

As laughter breaks around the room, Harry lets his head drop back in resignation, annoyed yet still feeling oddly happy.

Here is to a lovely Christmas.



Have a Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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