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25 days of christmas by ayumi-nb

25 days of christmas


Title: "the green-eyed snowman"

Rating: PG

Words: 933

Theme/Prompt: #03- snow

Warnings/AN: during ootp, mild au

Summary: In which Hermione is the Queen of snow fights and Harry is the King of snowmen.

Disclaimer: The Usual.


It started like this.

The Weasley Twins knew it was a bad idea to mess with Hermione; she was, after all, probably the Brightest Witch Hogwarts had ever had. So, yes, deep down, they knew very well that getting on her bad side was, well, bad.

But they were Gryffindors and Gryffindors always charged forward.


It was a rare sunny day near the end of the second week of December, the night before was the first snowfall and Hogwarts was blanketed with a thick layer of snow. Being a Saturday, the students had no class and while most decided to enjoy sleeping in, a few early birds were getting ready to breeze by breakfast so they could tackle the winter wonderland that was Hogwarts outside. Among these students were the Weasley Twins, who'd managed to convince all of their housemate from Fourth Year and above to join them in a light-hearted snow fight.

The light-hearted part lasted the walk from Gryffindor Tower to the grounds around the Black Lake, when everyone decided it should be a girls-vs-boys snow fight. Then it was an all-out war that, while mostly equalled at first, eventually turned quite bad for the girls.

One girl, however, had cleverly decided against joining such a juvenile game, sitting with her back against an ancient tree overlooking the `battle field' instead; a book secured between her hands, the new edition of Hogwarts, A History given to her as a birthday present from her best friend.

She was enjoying herself, reading peacefully and bothering no one, but, alas, it was meant to end.

For just then, the Twins noticed her and their devious minds came to the conclusion that her calm demeanour was not suitable for this fine sunny day; taking aim, they charmed a few snowballs and launched them at her.

It wasn't the snow, nor the fact that her reading was interrupted, God it wasn't even the raucous laughter that followed the rain of snowball, no; what pissed her off was that Harry's gift was damaged by unthinking prats who wouldn't very well leave her alone when she specifically requested to be left alone (that she was noticeably moodier because of her approaching, you know, didn't help either).

Deciding payback was in order, she quietly requested Dobby to take her book back to her room, promising to pay him later, and made her way to her female housemates as calmly as you please while brushing the snow off her. A quick swish of her wand and a tall snow wall rose before the girls, protecting them from curious glances.

Harry, who'd seen the slow-burning rage in his best friends' eyes, wisely decided to put some distance between the laughing boys and himself. And soon he was mentally patting his back for doing so, for just at that moment, five towers emerged from the top of the snow wall with the Gryffindor girls standing comfortably on them. They looked pleased, triumphant, but none had the wicked glint that Hermione possessed as four canons made of snow materialized in the lower towers and promptly started firing off canon-sized snowballs at the Gryffindor boys with an alarming precision (but then, if it was Hermione's spellwork, Harry wasn't at all surprised).

It was Hogwarts' Snowball Massacre.

Now, the students from the other Houses that had gathered to watch the snow fight were laughing at the utter failure of the boys at defending themselves. And what a failure it was, they were seconds away from being completely buried in snow when Harry decided that, as a boy, he had to help.

Gathering a handful of snow, he took aim and threw with as much force as he could muster and hit Hermione square on her face. Not bothering to see her glare, Harry turned around and ran away, hoping to gain some distance but knowing Hermione would find a way to catch him in the end.

And she did.


It ended like this.

When she caught him, it was at the Quidditch Pitch. Hastily, Harry made quick work of a few charms and transfiguration spells and had a small battalion of snowmen standing before him, protecting him; if McGonagall and Flitwick could see him now, they'd be praising his spellwork, but as it was, only Hermione was there to admire his work.

She did praise him, though. "Well done, Harry, but you might as well surrender. You cannot beat me."

"Oh, yeah? Well… er, we'll see!"

A flick of a wrist, and the battle was on again.

The snowmen batted away all the snowballs, even when they merged to make bludger-like snowballs. After a while, in which Harry and Hermione had resorted to attack one another the muggle way, it was obvious they were both at a stalemate. Not wasting time, Harry did what he was best at: making snap decisions.

Taking advantage of his speed and quick reflexes, he maneuvered his way across the field and tackled Hermione down, pinning her to the ground. Before he could proclaim his victory, however, the snowballs fell upon him.

Harry rolled off Hermione with a disgruntled sight, pouting like a petulant child when she started giggling. And she didn't stop even when she knelt at his side and started to brush the snow off him.

"Well, you certainly are the King of snowmen now."

His pout deepened but Hermione wiped it off his face in no time.

"Is his majesty, the High King of Snowmen, happy now?" she asked with a smile.

Harry grinned and pulled her lips back to meet his.

Really, that was answer enough.




22 more to go! I really want to finish this before Xmas!

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