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Last Night Of A Bachelor by nmffnurse

Last Night Of A Bachelor


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Ok here is another movie inspired D/G. I just watched 'The Family Man' with Nicholas Cage and decided to put a Draco/Ginny twist to it. I know, I know…I am so unoriginal…so flame me! Just kidding. Be nice!

The house elves were busy packing his things. Tomorrow he would be married and would move into his own estate. His mother seemed a bit sad, kissing Draco on the forehead just as she did when he was 6. "You need to get your sleep, tomorrow's the big day"

Lucius nodded in agreement shooting a look of disdain when his son scowled. Draco was to be married to Pansy Parkinson and didn't relish the thought. It was a marriage of convenience. Truth was he didn't love her, he didn't even like her. Pansy was probably happy to finally get her claws on him. Draco was quite a catch and he knew it, unfortunately he wished Pansy wasn't doing the catching.

"We must make our alliances stronger" His father had said after being freed from Azkaban.

Parkinson's father had promised to help the cause. Draco hated that damn cause. Deatheaters. It was because of his father's involvement with Voldemort that he had to live the last few years without a father.

Soon he and Pansy would be asked to join the death eaters and he didn't relish the thought. All he wanted to do was make his father happy and if it meant marrying a person he did not love, then so be it.

When his father had suggested a marriage to Pansy, he was engaged within a year of graduating Hogwarts. Now another year had passed and the wedding loomed before him. A heavy weight fell on his chest as he made his way to his bedroom. This past month he had been with many women, far too many to count. He couldn't recall their names and he didn't really care. He was getting married to a woman he couldn't stand and he wanted to have as much fun as he could.

He surveyed his room one last time. An unopened trunk lay at the foot of his bed. Draco picked up the Hogwarts yearbook that was lying on top. People waved or called him a pathetic git. Leafing through the page he frowned upon seeing that Harry Potter was Voted Most Popular. "Most likely to die." Draco muttered.

Hermione Granger was of course Most Likely to Succeed, no surprise there he thought. Ronald Weasley was voted Most Reliable. Most reliable to be in Potter's shadow Draco had written underneath the picture . A picture of Draco Malfoy was on the same page with the heading - Best Dressed . It was the only thing he ever did beat Potter at.

Pictures of Quidditch portrayed Harry Potter with the snitch always smiling and victorious. He winced looking at the next picture. Him on his ass after falling off a broom trying to get the snitch from Potter. Draco hated that picture. Turning the pages he settled on the Graduation Ball pictures. The page stopped at the 6th year Gryffindor picture of Ginny Weasley. She had asked him to the Graduation ball. All along he thought the girl had hated him, she even had the nerve to hex him in his 5th year. It was definitely a surprise.

Hardly any of the memories at Hogwarts were delightful to him. Draco placed the yearbook back in the trunk and pulled out his old Hogwart's robe. He held it out in front of him. Looking at it made him feel regretful , he threw it back into the trunk when he heard something jangling in its pocket. He pulled out the robe again reaching into its pockets. It was a Hogwarts class ring, Dumbledore had given them all class rings. Draco had thought it was particularly stupid and a waste of galleons and shoved it into his pocket. What else did Dumbledore say??? The future is right in front of you or some silly speech. This time he put the ring on. It magically fit his finger perfectly. Yawning he retired to bed.


"Daddy! Daddy! Get up!!"

Draco awoke startled and reached for his wand. Nothing, his nightstand wasn't there. He jumped out of bed trying to focus, was that a house elf on his bed? That elf would surely be punished. His vision became clearer and he found himself face to face with a…… redheaded little girl jumping on his bed?

What's going on? Was Draco's first thought. The room was completely different. Warm, cozy , sunlight flooded the room and the color was an atrocious yellow. His black blankets were now replaced with red. Gryffindor colors. What horror!


The little girl had called him Daddy.

Maybe this was an elaborate bachelor joke played by his father. Perhaps it was Crabbe or Goyle, but he doubted it. They had no sense of humour. Quickly he went over the events from yesterday and looked at the ring on his hand. What strange magic had done this? This wasn't a time-turner. Draco was knowledgeable about various dark magic objects, but this did not seem familiar.

He struggled with the ring but it wouldn't come off. "Dammit"

"Oooh! I'm telling mommy"

Harsh realization hit him, this was the future. How in the world did he go from last night of a bachelor to a father? The ring had something to do with it, that was for sure. Draco decided to play along until he could find out what was going on and most importantly how to get back.


The little girl had climbed back on the bed and was jumping on it again. Draco had to think what irony it was that his child in the future had red hair, the color he so loved to make fun of.. The Gods must be punishing me, he thought.

The child jumped off the bed and grabbed onto Draco planting huge kisses on his face. He felt awkward holding her. Wanting to tell her to sod off and leave him be, but for some odd reason he couldn't . Awkardly he patted her on the head holding on to her with one arm.

"Watch Spongebob SquarePants with me Daddy."

Who in the hell was Spongebob Squarepants? "Stop horsing around" he surprised himself by how paternal he sounded "I'll watch spongepants…uh….later, but let d-d-daddy get ready. Ok?"

He slowly set her down…..If he had kids then where was his wife? He heard someone singing in the shower from across the hallway . Was it Pansy?

"Hon, Get me a towel", the voice definitely did not belong to Pansy..

Draco looked at the little girl with her searching grey eyes. His eyes! "Where-where does your Mother keep the towels?"

"Are you alright daddy?" the little girl looked up at Draco curiously. She slowly pointed her tiny finger at a laundry basket laying at the foot of the bed.

"I'm goin to watch cartoons." a whip of red hair sped out of the room

Draco carefully opened the bathroom door turning his face away slightly, not knowing who it might be. Please don't let it be Millicent Bulustrode!

"Hon, we have to go shopping for Emily's books. I just don't understand why they have to start wizard school so early here for kids in the states. She's only 6."

Draco nearly dropped the towel, when he saw the woman step out from the shower. Ginny Weasley.

Stark naked and….. Damn was she gorgeous!

"Thanks, sweetie." She held out her hand for the towel but Draco wasn't handing it over.

"Draco I'm freezing , give me that towel and stop staring at me as if you haven't seen me naked almost 100 times already"

I haven't, he thought. A million things ran through his head. I am married to Ginny Weasley. I'm seeing Ginny Weasley naked. Her brothers will kick my arse for sure.

"Gods, you're beautiful." were the words that escaped his lips.

She looked at him thoughtfully as she reached for the towel and proceeded to drop it. "You do this to me everytime!! Thanks Draco, but we'll have to make this fast…" Ginny glanced at the bathroom clock. "Just a quickie, Emily's cartoons will be over soon."


She's a Weasley for crying out loud, remember Draco, red hair and hand me down robes…he told himself. But he added, she looks good with no robes at all.

"Are you trying to play hard to get mister?" she asked him coyly eyeing his now tightening boxers.

Draco realized that in his surprise he was now cornered by a very naked Ginny Weasley. A Ginny Weasley who was now ripping off his shirt….Wait he thought, I'm the one who's supposed to be doing the seducing!

To be continued