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Stories by RowlingIdol

  1. The Adventure by RowlingIdol

    Returning to Hogwarts after the defeat of Voldemort proves to be an adventure in life and love for Draco Malfoy and Ginny Weasley. Humor, Drama, Mystery and most importantly Romance ensue! Please read!

  2. Confusion by RowlingIdol

    After the war against Voldemort- everyone is repairing their lives. While helping her brothers, Ginny discovers someone thought long gone. Where has he been? What happened? What happens now? Full of mystery, humor, sexual tension, and all the other good stuff D/G shippers look for- with plenty of cliffhangers included. Rated R for later chapters.

  3. Angel Kisses by RowlingIdol

    Draco and Ginny come closer together after the end of his 7th year and the end of Lord Voldemort. See where their love takes them. Takes place after my version of the 7th book,‘Harry Potter and the Final Moon’.

  4. Ron & Luna: A Musicology by RowlingIdol

    My couple pairing version of the summer after the 5th book. Ron and Luna discover what everyone else around them seems to have... Love.

  5. Harry Potter and the Final Moon by RowlingIdol

    My version of the 7th book, written over 2 years ago. Voldemort takes over Hogsmeade and chaos ensues at Hogwarts. Action packed!