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Confusion by RowlingIdol



Author's Note-

Well, it's been a while since I finished Half Blood Prince in a 6 and a half hour reading spree (12:50am to 7:20am, thank you very much). And after the shocking aftermath of the events of the book, my disappointment continued as I saw that at my favorite Harry Potter fan fiction web site, NO Draco/Ginny fics were being posted or updated… At least not for a while. To the few who have ventured out there amidst this confusing time, I thank you.

I have posted this to announce that I am taking off my Draco/Ginny fan fic- `I Hate You, But I Love You' and am replacing it with a new and fresh D/G story. This new story was created to shed some light on all of us D/G shippers, who are puzzled at what to do now. Thus, I have respectfully titled this story- `Confusion'. It will be a different storyline than that of `I Hate You, But I Love You', yet most chapters will still be based on songs. I will do my best to incorporate events from the 6th book into this new story, and I hope you guys will enjoy it.

Now, if you will, please proceed to CHAPTER ONE of `Confusion'.


~Lauren G. (aka RowlingIdol)