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  1. Love Thy Neighbour by Tawny Spitfyre

    When Ginny develops an inappropriate crush on her neighbour, she never expects it to become more...and isn't sure she should want it to. Based on a true story. It might not be completely D/G, but I really felt those characters best fit and had the chemistry to make it believable. I'd have made the ending happier, but alas, this is how it truly ended. - Draco/Ginny & Harry/Ginny - One Shot (No more chapters, sorry!) - Slightly AU (Minor change to Book 7 Epilogue canon.)

  2. Happily Ever After by mynewgenesis

    Ginny Weasley has an unfortunate habit of dating only the lecherous sort of men who wish to see the interior of her pants. After yet another relationship gone awry, she finally decides, enough is enough. Never again will she go for her 'usual' type. Instead, she's going to go for the polar opposite. And who should come along, but Draco Malfoy.

  3. In Which Draco Malfoy is Jealous of a House by moogle

    Everyone has at least one rival. Draco Malfoy's just happened to be a house.

  4. Torture and Treason by dragonsangel68

    Memories are a special kind of torture.

  5. A Day of Woes by moogle

    There Draco had been, one hand clutching the bookshelf behind him, while his other gripped a generous handful of the Weasley girl’s very shapely derriere. Of course, it was all her fault that he ended up that way. Not that her brother had believed him.

  6. A Not So Simple Kind of Life by dragonsangel68

    SEQUEL TO DRAGON AND ANGEL. Draco and Ginny return from their honeymoon ready to live happily ever after, but their vast differences in background and family values make for an interesting start to their married life. Add Draco's inexperience with pregnant women and the stage is set for hilarity, confusion and embarrassment.

  7. Acting on a Moment by moogle

    Ginny Weasley was on a mission: get Draco Malfoy's attention or die trying. She would prefer to skip the dying part, though…

  8. Walk Like An Egyptian by moogle

    “What’s the matter, love? Can’t stand on your own two feet?” He eyed her from head to foot, and then back again. “Then again, I’m not surprised with that outfit. It’s a wonder you even manage to walk at all.”

  9. Hesperides' Apple by ogygiasylph

    When Ginny Weasley becomes Draco Malfoy's wife, he suspects neither her true identity nor her dangerous motives. But when all Hell breaks lose and their relationship takes unexpected turns, there is more at stake than preserving their marriage--namely, preserving their lives.

  10. A Girl's Best Friend by ogygiasylph

    Draco is looking for an engagement ring for Astoria, but is it really what he wants? Ginny will help him find out...

  11. Whatever It Takes by Phantom Keeper

    Ginny gets in over her head when she's unsatisfied by Auror Malfoy's handling on the serial killings that have been sweeping through women her age after one of her close friends is killed. She takes it upon herself to find the killer, never expecting to be putting herself in his sights.

  12. Anatomy of a Relationship by Alexandria Malfoy

    They were on the verge of breaking apart. The only solution was to deconstruct and analyze. Originally written for the 2009 D/G Fic Exchange for IluvCaptainJack.

  13. The Wishing Star by Wynter Grace

    Draco is away from home on business, and Ginny is hoping that a wishing star will bring her love home...

  14. WIL - Thuban Malfoy's Review of the Half Blood Prince Movie by d&gforever

    Thuban Malfoy - Draco and Ginny's eldest son for the What Is Love? fan fiction gives his view of the new Half Blood Prince Movie.

  15. What Love Is For by d&gforever

    Sequel to What Is Love? Join Draco and Ginny one more time as they work through many of lives challenges.

  16. A Malfoy in the Closet by moogle

    Keeping secrets was never easy for Ginny Weasley. Keeping Draco Malfoy a secret, however, had might as well be a task for Hercules. /written for Nik's birthday challenge/

  17. The Teddy That Got Away by moogle

    Draco's got a secret. Ginny stumbles across it. Whatever is a Malfoy to do? /Written for a challenge/

  18. Green and Silver by moogle

    Draco gets a birthday surprise he can't refuse. /written for a challenge./

  19. Something's Gotta Give by MeiQueen

    After a terrible divorce with her longtime love, Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley suffers from extreme loneliness. That is until one day when her two best friends, Hermione and Luna, decide to make her a profile in an online dating service. While on, she meets a charming man in a chatroom. Sparks fly, but will they still be flying when she finds out who it is?

  20. Theories on How Danger Finds Us by Alexandria Malfoy

    Ginny's knack for getting into trouble follows her as she goes away for college, forcing her into a dangerous situation. Ginny's POV

  21. Brief Encounters by miajane_malfoy

    Ginny needs to relieve some stress, the person that that seems to fall to is none other than Draco Malfoy. Smutty one-shot.

  22. Troubled Love by miajane_malfoy

    Draco and Ginny are bought together by a terrible tragedy. Will their friendship survive, and could it grow to be something more?

  23. Truth Will Out by dragonsangel68

    Draco and Ginny discover that the truth is a funny creature, especially when you can’t lie successfully.

  24. Through a Long and Sleepless Night by Alexandria Malfoy

    He chanced upon it much like the others did. By simply wandering about the streets of Dublin; somewhat safe from the bloody awful mess he created back home. A portal that led to a place where every dream became reality.

  25. A New Beginning by Hazelmist

    “Stay,” he whispered.His eyes were pleading with her, begging her to give into what they both knew her heart was telling her.“I can’t, Draco.”And then she walked away.Ginny Weasley sacrificed her heart in order to restore order to the wizarding world, but four years later with her resignation final, a reunion with an old flame may be the spark of a new beginning.“We might need to get a leash for you, or handcuffs…” Cute DG oneshot, ignores HBP and DH.

  26. The Morning After by joey101

    The morning after she married Draco Malfoy, Ginny reflects on the love and tears that led to this moment of now and forever.

  27. Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd Like To Thank You For Coming Out.. by Turkish

    Luna is desperate, and needs the help of her best friend. Who knew that the youngest Weasley could carry a tune, anyway?

  28. Naptime Should Never Last This Long by Alexandria Malfoy

    It was the fight of the century. A battle of epic proportions. And afterwards, it was vowed to never happen again. Never again would they battle for their kids’ affections. Originally written for the Fall 2008 D/G Fic Exchange.

  29. What A Night by MissieMalfoy19

    Ginny is so lonely after her breakup with Harry Potter, the boy-who-lived. How will a mystery invitation to the biggest society ball of the year change her life? Join Ginny in her search to find her true love, despite all the bumps along the way. R&R!!!!

  30. Dragon Tears: The Missing Years by JazzyGeorgie

    A little voice inside my head asked me what happened to Draco and Ginny between their first child and when she went to Hogwarts. Was their marriage always happy? What would it be like to bring more children into the world? Here are some chapters that are based around the birth of their subsequent children and reactions to other important events. **If you haven't read "Dragon Tears" you may want to do that first!**

  31. What Love Is For. Bedchamber cookies by d&gforever

    Did someone ask for SMUT!

  32. The Rules of Engagement by dragonsangel68

    After accepting a foolish dare at a party Draco finds himself breaking the very rules he set for his own self preservation, and his life has been irreversibly turned upside down. He knows what he has to do to restore order to his once carefree life, but finding the strength is a challenge he appears not to be able to meet.

  33. A FLAME IN THE DARK by Dearg-Due

    CHAPTER XVIII UP!!: "Unsheath or Unfold" After the war, all has changed. Ginny has lost everything and has to put up with being a servant at Morkdrage School of Dark Arts for Boys. What awaits her there? friends,fear, love, hate? And what's that new Dark Prince got into hands? Whatever happens, she promised herself she would never give up... Ginny is a survivor and Draco is defined by more than a smirk... A story to learn, to love and to cry... *D/G* don't forget to R&R!

  34. My Captive Love by kallee1987

    This is an AU story set after Ootp; it's a take on what could have happened before, during and after the final battle. We see the war and its aftermath through the eyes of a "captive". Please read the author notes before you read any further. Rated R just in case.

  35. Every Season by Alexandria Malfoy

    They reminded each other of the seasons. A look at Draco and Ginny's relationship.

  36. The Prince by Alexandria Malfoy

    Throughout his childhood, Draco had always been known as "the prince". D/G

    This story has missing or damaged chapters. If you have a link to this story on another site or a saved copy please contact or /u/pk-archive on Reddit.

  37. Touch by vinofaerie

    This is really a continuation of a fic I wrote a few years back called Taste for the dgficexchange on LiveJournal. The requester had asked for an unhappy ending and it's always been in the back of my head that was not how I wanted to leave things. Unfortuately this is not a stand alone, you have to read the other one to get this one. The first one is from mainly Draco's POV so I wanted this to be in Ginny's. Also, please ignore Deathly Hallows. It didn't happen, never existed, put your fingers in your ears and sing loudly if it comes up while you are reading this. Also, unbeta-ed, so any and all mistakes are mine.

  38. Unexpected Places by vinofaerie

    Never hire someone from your past. They may become other parts of your life. Written for one of the dgficexchanges. I just realized I haven't been on portkey in a while and decided to put up some stuff.

  39. 11 Things Spouses Shouldn't Do by theweirdgirl

    Just a guide by yours truly.

  40. Come Back to Me by yomoedmb

    Harry's not the husband Ginny had wanted him to be. One day a person from her past shows up on the couch to break some heartbreaking news and to try to fix it. Betaed by Cinnamon Badge.

  41. Give Up? by dolly_llama

    Tutoring a certain Draco Malfoy was not Ginny Weasley's cup of tea. Unfortunately, that is the position that she was in at the moment. Needless to say, sparks begin to fly. Not only sparks of love, but also sparks of hatred. Neville, a lady’s man?! Will he ruin the relationship, or just cause it to escalate? Read to find out! Please read past the first chapter! *CHAPTER TWENTY FOUR UP!* Draco snickered at how easily The Dark Lord was actually defeated, was this really what all the fuss was about?

  42. Until The End Of Time by Phantom Keeper

    They had a relationship 5 years ago, that resulted in Ginny becoming pregnant. When she tried to tell Draco, she was turned away like she was his past whore. Now he’s back in her life as a business partner in her restaurant, and refusing to leave Ginny and their child alone, much to her dismay. - Future, AU. R for language, violence, sexuality, and innuendo.

  43. Finding "Happily Ever After" by moogle

    Life could not possibly have been any worse for Ginny Weasley. Pregnant at sixteen, married at seventeen, and now soon to be divorced at twenty-three, she had no hope in ever finding her "happily ever after." When fate takes an unwanted turn and forces her to take refuge with a certain grey-eyed man from her past, Ginny discovers that sometimes the most unlikely fairytale is the most beautiful.

  44. Fallen Angel by RaineMalfoy

    [Sequel to Blue-Eyed Angel] It has been six months since Draco Malfoy and Ginny Weasley’s lives collided so dramatically, and nothing is going quite right or how Draco would like. The families are divided and mistrustful, and with a wee-Malfoy on the way as well as mysterious happenings all around London, Draco must balance his responsibilities as a father with being a lover and a reluctant hero, yet again.

  45. Sorry by Alexandria Malfoy

    LONGER VERSION UP! "He walks up to her. A slow, gliding walk that provides her with no alert to his presence." His apology.

  46. A Little Thing Called Love by moogle

    Draco Malfoy never intended to fall in love, but when one redhead falls rather ungracefully into his world he finds himself falling just as swiftly for her. The only problem is, she doesn't give a damn for him. ~~~~~Snippet~~~~ Draco stared in surprise at the woman dangling above him, clinging desperately onto what looked like a purple curtain. He gave himself a moment to admire her very nicely formed rear end, and then with a small smirk playing on his lips, said lazily, "You know, I do believe the established mode of exiting a house is through the front door." The woman let out a shriek and almost lost her hold on the curtain, swore furiously under her breath, and then turned a pair of of glaring, brown eyes on him. "What the devil do you want?"

  47. What Is Love? Prequel Scenes. by d&gforever

    Story about Draco's best birthday present.

  48. Prince Huff 'n Puff by fallenwitch

    Draco and Ginny in a bit of Hogwarts snarky fun.

  49. The Advice of Blaise Zabini by Citrus587

    To this day, Draco Malfoy still cannot pinpoint the day when his best friend became a genius. Blaise Zabini, however, is most definitely a genius. After all, he gave Draco the best advice of his life.

  50. A Weasley Birthday for a Malfoy by yomoedmb

    Ginny shows Draco how to have a Weasley birthday.